Jersey Pizza Subs

1756 Mileground Rd e, Morgantown
(304) 292-2796

Recent Reviews

MiZfit GypZ

Everything was delicious. Order was promptly prepard & packaged well. Establishment was clean. Friendly service.?

Michael Bond

Not a very friendly atmosphere. I felt like the guy taking my order was doing me a favor. I won’t be back

emma daveler

Stake hoagie and a tuna sald hoagie. I enjoyed them

Matthew Clemens

2.5 stars. Explaining how I rate. 1 star. You own a business. You're putting yourself out there. Second star. You got my order right. The other 3 stars. Based off quality of product, or service.It was once a amazing stop. However their food quality has plummeted.The last time I ordered. The bread was so stale/hard.. I was unable to eat it. That was my tuna sub. The pizza I had ordered was not fully cooked. As the dough was still raw in spots around the middle(the guys helping me work ate it regardless).I just spoke with someone who I've been in contact with for years(middle management type of gentleman. Mid 40s maybe. Not made of money, but not hurting). In chatting about subway(A location had closed near them). I brought them(jersey subs) up. We are maybe 100 yards from the place at the time of the conversation.Being very pro local business owners. I try to direct people these locations(Even if you do live in town. We all sometimes forget about places).I did not mention my previous bad experience(everyone will have a off day). Until after he had shared his experience with me. From just a week ago. What he shared was.He had ordered a Italian sub, or the equivalent(They name their items). He went on to explained how the lunch meat smelled through the deli paper, and when he opened the sandwich. It was still covered in that white slime.These 2 experience range from pre covid. Maybe late summer, very early fall of 2019. To May of 2021.I HIGHLY recommend spending your money else where.The half star. There was food.

Sophia P.

First time having this place and it was soo good. The cheesteak was literally insane. The onion rings were great and the cannolis were actually the best things i've ever ate, I want 70 more. Yum!

Joe Young

Love the food! Great flavors from boars head deli meats. Probably the best cheesesteaks in Morgantown!

Robby Hughes

Bread was slightly scorched however the steak and cheese is so good it didn't really matter. I've always liked this place.

Skyler Simcox

I dare you to try and find a better philly chessesteak

Bryan Shellogg

The Godfather is possibly the best Italian style sub on the east coast hands down. Get it if you've never had it.

kyle echard

If you've never been here you may think the prices are steep. But the subs are worth every penny.

Billy A.

Best cheesesteak in town hands down. Peep the Reuben or the stacker ! Food is always perfect during lunch hours .


Came in the store recently and noticed the manager/owner was not wearing gloves while preparing food and this man SNEEZED on the line and wiped his nose with his hands and went back to prepping food. I walked out. Give your money to any other business in morgantown.


"The PICASSO of CHEESESTEAKS"BEST Philly Cheesesteak by far!!! Not only in Morgantown but anywhere, even Philly. They use american cheese (superior meltabilty) and mix it into the perfectly seasoned steak with properly grilled onions. Consistently made right. Pizza was right on too.

Stephanie Snider

I order subs on Dec 31 . I order at 3:08 the guy that took my order was going be 15 minutes . I was over cross town . It took me 15 minutes to get there . The girl that was working there was very rude yelling at her co worker . The guy that she yell at told her shut up don't yell at him . I wanted there was other people there . She made my subs she didn't put on Saltator onions I ordered it on my order for my subs I wanted raul onions and saltator onions. You're subs are the best in town. I always love getting your subs. I didn't leave there until 3:45 pm .

Dan Rai

Best cheesesteak I've had in years -- thank you !!

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