Mountain State Brewing Co

54 Clay St, Morgantown
(304) 241-1976

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Tim M.

Came to Morgantown to visit my daughter a few weeks into her freshman year. She had heard good things about this place. It was awesome! We sat outside, which was beautiful. Had the Buffalo dip with chips, and flat bread pizza. Food was excellent and the service wonderful. Highly recommend!

Bernard O.

My wife and I enjoy visiting our alma mater from time to time, and this trip we decided to plan our entire day around dog-friendly activities in the Morgantown area. Mountain State Brewing got on our radar because they claimed to be dog-friendly. They get the second star from me for that fact alone. What they forgot was how to be "people-friendly." We walked onto the lower deck from the river trail. While I went inside to talk to the hostess, my wife spotted four tables pushed together with one couple sitting on one end. (9 or more could sit there.) She talked to the couple that was sitting at the group of tables and asked if it would be ok for us and our little dog to sit at the other end. They were dog people too, and they graciously said yes. By the time I got back outside, my wife was no longer at the table, but was standing outside the deck area with the dog. Apparently, some nervous, stressed out female server wearing a mask told her that she couldn't sit there because it was "too close" to the other couple and asked her to wait outside the deck area. No customers seated on the deck were wearing masks, but all the tables were full, and for whatever reason, the upper deck area was not open, despite it being a beautiful day. The hostess told me that they had a 20-minute waiting list for outdoor seating. (Again, why wasn't the upper deck open if that was the case?) I mentioned to the hostess that we could just go somewhere else, because we had found some other dog-friendly places in Morgantown with Google, and then she told me it would be ok for us to sit there if it was ok with the other couple. She also told me that the girl who told my wife to leave would not be our server, and that a young man (who she said was "really nice") would be taking care of us. We started to sit down, and then another male server approached us and said that we could sit at another table that had just opened up. (But that table hadn't been cleared...) At that point, after having spoken to four different employees, I decided that we were going to go somewhere else, even though I had just fed two dollars to the parking meter so we could have dinner and beers at Mountain State. On the way out, I told that fourth of the employees that they really needed to "get their shit together." It was a total failure of service, and apparently no manager was on duty. Now I'll never know if the beer or the food at Mountain State Brewing is any good, because there is exactly ZERO chance that I'll ever be going there to spend our "big boomer bucks." We ended up spending a whole bunch of money right down the street at Morgantown Brewing and had a wonderful experience having beers and dinner with our dog. The entire day was perfect - we love visiting WVU. But on the drive home, some of the conversation ended up being about how poorly treated we felt at a place that seems to get good reviews in general. Blame this one on disorganization and lack of a management presence, folks. The inside of the restaurant was almost empty because everybody wanted to be outside. Wouldn't it have been smart to open up the additional outdoor seating area? No doubt. Makes me wonder how many other people have walked out of that place because the staff was so disorganized.

Kimmie Karch

The atmosphere was rustic, but the servers were friendly and polite. The cheesy bread was delicious and had just the right amount of garlic on it. The boars nest sandwich was really good, but the most delicious thing was the S'mores Flatbread. Amazing food and service. Nothing better than that.

heather faust linz

We absolutely love this place...all of our meals were excellent! Great service, fun atmosphere.

Johnny Myers

I honestly will sometimes look forward all week to coming to Mountain State Brewing and having different drinks from their menu every single time I visit. Probably my favorite drinking spot in Morgantown and it makes me so happy to live right down the block from here! If this place ever closed I am not sure what I would do

Montana M.

The theme will hit you like any coal miners brewery - from the cave like interior to the wooden decor and even the "miner" themed brews. If you've come to a place with looking for that wood fired oven taste and some good food you haven't gone wrong. The patio is set up for a nice nature feeling if that interior theme gets you a bit claustrophobic, but they still have wooden pillars and a good style outside too. Now for the food- I had the artichoke dip and bruschetta on my recent visit. The dip was what you'd expect from a restaurant caliber artichoke dip and the multicolor chips were a nice touch, but watch out these dishes come out piping hot! The bruschetta fell a bit short. It's plated well and the flavors are all there from the fresh tomatoes to the balsamic drizzle, but the bread was just a bit over crisped for me. It gave it more of a crouton texture than toast, but everyone else in my party loved it. Once I got around to the main course I let my server suggest his favorite to get the best out of the restaurant, one of my favorite approaches, and he recommended the apple butter pulled chicken. The sandwich comes out with a wonderful textured bun and a heaping pile of chicken but the sauce is on the side. It's really sweet as apple butter tends to be, but if you're feeling bold try and ask for it on the sandwich and you'll get the classic saucy "pulled" chicken sandwich experience. It had crisped apple slices under the meat and the flavors blended in a whimsical summer fashion. The perfect bite to grab on a hot day! The side is usually a bag of potato chips, but I'm not a huge fan of that type of side so going for that summer vibe I asked for the summer salad as a side. You'll get apples, almonds, feta, and a berry sauce which was probably best used on the side as the sauce can be a bit strong. All in all the food combined for a great summer experience and not a bad price at all. But you came to a brewing company so let's talk about the beer. "The miners daughter" oatmeal stout is what you'd typically expect from an oatmeal stout. Nothing fancy about it but it certainly won't disappoint. For anyone unaware of what it may taste like just imagine a heavy and dark beer with a little bit of bitterness. They've actually started to make a climb in my favorites - especially when brewery's get fancy with flavors in them "Cold trail" - the description of the beer is enough, it goes down like water. I mean literally there's not much of a taste on this beer but it does somehow have a refreshing vibe that makes you want another. "Almost heaven" - it wasn't my favorite drink of the night, but for an amber ale it definitely will hit the spot. It's a little nutty and sweet but still tastes like a beer for after a long day. My last item, and quite frankly the best, was their black cherry mule cocktail. It's essentially a Moscow mule but with black cherry flavor and red stag as the alcohol. Finished in a copper mug it's refreshing and fruity but still the same cocktail you remember. Ill be sure to make this one at home after being given one of the best mules I've ever had!

Michelle O.

Fantastic food. Fabulous service. Delicious red sangria- I wish we lived here. It was a great restaurant and would definitely come back if ever in town

Kaleigh C.

We chose to sit at the bar but noticed that the dining room was huge. Tons of beers on tap and lots of drinks on the menu. The food menu also has a pretty broad selection, but I don't recall any burgers. We started with the nachos - fantastic. I went with the buffalo chicken salad - great. My friend went with the Wild Boar sandwich - wonderful. The service was excellent as well. As far as parking, there's a conveniently located parking garage. Overall, we are glad we chose to eat and drink here while in Morgantown!

Nick H.

Absolutely wonderful!! From the service to the sandwiches... delish. We had the dip appetizer sampler with hummus spinach artichoke and Buffalo chicken. Perfect. We had the boars nest. The apple butter chicken and the steakhouse pizza. Intoxicating..... The beers were great, food was great... 5 star experience

Howard F.

Service is friendly and good, which counts for a lot, especially when you come with a big group. The pizza is sub-par, though there are a ton of options, and I am not a fan of their beers on tap. I gave their Deep Creek location a lot of credit b/c options up there were a tad slim, especially with outdoor seating. I'm less kind to this one. And yet, it gets the job done.

Cassie Birchall

Great food - lots of great pizza and sandwich options. We sat outside on the covered patio. Highly recommend the margarita flight --- the best drink is the jalapeño lime margarita [with 1800]; but it's nice to be able to try them all!

Vicky Craig

Great time, had a large party and the waiter was awesome they were extremely busy but he did great !! Food was great also

Rachel Lamb

The lemonade stand and in particular the strawberry one was THE best drink I’ve ever had. Phenomenal

Michael S.

Good pizza and the nachos were amazing! Ordered meat lovers pizza but substituted the bbq sauce with red sauce and it was a nice change.

Jason Hall

Pretty much the best evening hangout we found here. Try the apple butter chicken sandwich. Best thing I've put in my mouth in a long time.

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