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Reviews for Sam's Club Bakery

I was at sams club in morgantown today . Demonstrator for pizza wouldnt put any out . I walked around then came back figuring she would have it done . So i asked her cause i saw her check it and cut a piece for herself . She said its done but i am not putting it out now . Because in 30 minutes i can leave ! Lol. Demonstrators job is easy and i know sams pays them decent . Just letting sams club know. You are not getting your moneys worth from her . Thats a shame too . But full review

I shop here frequently and most of my groceries come from Sam's. Unfortunately I purchased some sausage egg cups for on the go breakfasts and was looking forward to trying them, only to find out that they were expired by over 3 weeks (didnt see it until I got home). So make sure you check dates on all your products, I usually do but I had other things on my mind at the time.

I joined Sam's club because I missed Costco and wasn't too happy with the grocery stores in Morgantown. I appreciate that they sell large quantities of fruits and vegetables for a good price. They also have competitive prices for meat--including organic. Everything is in bulk of course. Sometimes it's pretty crowded, but the staff work quickly. They do have a self-checkout option, which is pretty smooth.

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