Sam's Club Bakery

5045 University Town Centre Dr, Morgantown
(304) 598-3042

Recent Reviews

Ebony M.

Y'all Better Get Y'all Employees Working At The Door Being So Rude I Will Never Shop At This One Again I Will Go All The To PA If I Have Too!! If You Don't Like Your Job Then Stay Home!! If You Don't Like People Stay Home!!

Sarah Welch

Great atmosphere! Associates were very helpful and very pleasant!! I will be returning for future shopping!

Erica Bungard

they have everything! bulks of stuff and great prices!

Ashley Renee Hall

wonderful service and amazing prices

Ashley Renee Lamp

wonderful service and amazing prices

Cecil Burton

Everything, the staff is awesome, professional, and caring. Had a great trip today

Lee Haught

gas is $ 2:11 a gallon at Sam's Club

Jeannei S.

I was at sams club in morgantown today . Demonstrator for pizza wouldnt put any out . I walked around then came back figuring she would have it done . So i asked her cause i saw her check it and cut a piece for herself . She said its done but i am not putting it out now . Because in 30 minutes i can leave ! Lol. Demonstrators job is easy and i know sams pays them decent . Just letting sams club know. You are not getting your moneys worth from her . Thats a shame too . But she got a whole pizza to herself ! Should have put her as demonstrator for almond milk !

Regina Green

The shelves are always well stocked and they have good deals.

Hailey DeAntonis

I shop here frequently and most of my groceries come from Sam's. Unfortunately I purchased some sausage egg cups for on the go breakfasts and was looking forward to trying them, only to find out that they were expired by over 3 weeks (didnt see it until I got home). So make sure you check dates on all your products, I usually do but I had other things on my mind at the time.

Ams Steele

clean, friendly people and organized store

Geraldine Vilar

The employees are always nice and helpful and the prices are very good too!

Jessica Ashley

Sam's Club has joined with Terminix to drive down hard deals and offer its members exclusive deals! Sam's Club really cares about saving its members time, money, and hassle!

J. R.

An average Sams Club, but with gas @ $2.68/ gallon, I'm not complaining! ($3.15/gallon at home!)

Sharon P.

Shut it down!!!!!! No help to be found!! We need a Costco!!!!! Workers texting and walking right by!!!! Shameful!!!!

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