Ta-Khrai Thai Cafe

2862 University Ave, Morgantown
(304) 282-3707

Recent Reviews

Jacob Gardner

Its ALWAYS amazing food. Gotta get the chicken pad Thai. Cash discount is awesome too. Dont bother with any other local spot. Ive tried.


I eat here all the time since ~2017 or whenever they opened round then. During covid (2020) they switched to carry out only, and I dont know if they have opened back yet as July 2021. However, we know restaurant industry has staffing issues currently. In any case, carryout portions are very generous, their menu is authentic Thai and has lot of depth and breadth. Lot of options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. I get Pra ram jae a lot, as well as Drunken noodles, Pad see lew and Tom yum soup etc. Just try it, definitely worth trying even if you are new to thai food. Their spices levels (if you ask for spicy) are high, so tread carefullly, their base levels for regular eaters are mild and fun.

Snoozinphx S.

Their Chicken Pad Thai is awesome and huge. It is seriously more than 3 meals. Just the right amount of heat with seasoned juicy chicken for around 10dollars. During the pandemic they are take out only. Can't wait for them to open for seating so I can try more of their great food. Great prices for huge dishes. Please try them definitely worth the trip.

Greg Wicker

Everything is delicious and fresh-tasting, and the staff are super nice. I recommend the "Jack and the Beanstalk" green beans as an appetizer!

Michele Champeau

The most delicious Thai food and my favorite restaurant of choice for takeout! Their panang curry tastes like the most delicious home cooked meal ever. I often find myself thinking about it nights after having finished it! I’m certain I could eat this dish every week, seriously y’all it is the best. If curry is not your cup of tea, I can confirm I have tried numerous other dishes like chicken satay, orange chicken, and pad Thai which have also been deliciously memorable. My husband who had never tried Thai before is now begging me weekly to pick up an order! We love you guys, the best!:)

alex m

Still my favorite restaurant in the world. Nowhere else can you get a 32 ounce container of the best thai curry in the world for only $10. Also, their Pad Thai (also $10, which is insanely low priced) is always packed to the brim with noodles, peanuts, green onion, cilantro, etc. They just give you so much food for the money, and it's always delicious.

Sara Cadd

Amazing food, beautiful atmosphere and friendly staff.

UDHS Theatre

10/ food is always quick. It always tastes delicious. I go there like 3-4 times a month. It’s good food and reasonable on the budget.

WooYeon P.

This thai place is the best not just in this town but in everywhere! I had tried many Thai restaurants in PA, NC, WV area, and I'm always feeling very proud to bring my out of State friends and family here because their foods taste very authentic and perfect flavor! I don't mind driving 40 minutes to here, but i hope their dine in open again soon!

Bethany Glotfelty

The food is amazing! We get it at least once a week! I highly recommend the mango chicken curry!

Lacy Fuentes

We drove 30 min to try this restaurant just to find out they are doing takeout only. It would have been nice for them to put that on their google business account.

Dylan Shannon

The Tofu Royale was absolutely amazing. I would eat at this restaurant every single day if I could.

Ryan M.

Excellent pre-COVID in every regard. Now, they have perfected speedy orders without sacrificing great service or food quality. Too many menu favorites to list; I've converted picky family and friends over to Thai with this establishment.

Kayla Corob

Fantastic food! Sticky rice and Shitake Sesame are probably my favourite. Try the thai tea with lime wedges instead of milk!

Charlotte Detchon

I was passing through on my road trip and found this spot. It was delicious Thai food! Best value for your buck (I ended up have 3 dinners of leftovers with my meal!)

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