Wings Ole' Specialty Restaurant

1125 University Ave, Morgantown
(304) 296-4486

Recent Reviews

Jake Runner

the chicken quesadillas make you wanna slap ya momma

Joseph Smith

A single order of wings (I ordered a single and was served 1/2 dozen) is 12 dollars. My 8 dollar burrito was unseasoned steakums, generic shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato in a taco tortilla. The 6 dollar fajita is chicken, peppers, onions, and cold shredded cheddar in a tortilla. Staff was friendly and caring, but given the price for the quality and quantity of food, I couldn't recommend this place any less.

Marco Mcdewey Show

Not bad impressed at allWings were tasteless and pretty much lame , 1st time in my like I almost asked for my $$$ back and leave. But I thought naw. Just review them

Paul Stoller

Pretty good food at a decent price. Everything I ordered was delicious. However, be cautious ordering the basic wing flavors (mild, medium, hot) as the sauce was more of a tomato flavored sauce then a buffalo style sauce. Habanero garlic was spicy and delicious.

Elizabeth Estepp

Food was great! Service was wonderful!❤

Dave G

Wings ole has been around for decades. We can't seem to stay away for long. Honestly there are much better wings to enjoy in Morgantown but the rest of the menu is diverse take out food. Good tacos and burritos...and definitely the best fries and blu in town.

Codie Rémy

Always my first stop when I come to Morgantown. Worth every penny!

Curtis Frame

Great food. Fast service. I would recommend this business.

Lee Taylor

Food was good but the lady who seemed to be in charge was quite rude especially to the other employees!!!

Alex Betts

Great food . Some of staff is ok. There is one who needs better people skills. Quite rude

Rosemary Brown

I'm a resident of Morgantown. I've gone to Wings all my life. Like many restaurants we have tried to support them through the pandemic but have had some bad experiences recently. Not answering the phone, closing before their scheduled time but the food never disappoints.

Nicole Blevins

Terrible wings, horrible management

Alex Kent

I ordered the Burrito Luncheon Special. Got my burrito and it was ice cold. I go up to the counter to let them know my burrito was cold, was told we can throw it back in the grill. I had already had taken a bite out of it. Why would I want them touching food I’ve already bitten into? Why not make another?? Terrible customer service.

Truman Ammons

I ordered 16 traditional wings and I have never been so disappointed. Literally the SMALLEST wings I've ever seen. Smaller than my thumb. I said I was extremely dissatisfied with the size of wings and they told me that's just how it is this week... and it wasnt just 1 or 2.. ALL 16 WINGS. I wish I could post a picture it's so bad. I asked for a refund and they said I can call the main office. What a joke. Will not be eating here again.

Derek F.

Worst restaurant experience ever. Carpet was laid on June 20, 1863, the day WV officially became a state. Gross bathrooms. Sat a table for 20 minutes then asked if they were serving. Was advised by a Santa Claus impersonator, "yes, we're a restaurant for Christ's sake." If you have to be reminded that you're in a restaurant when you are in the restaurant, you're in the wrong place. Once a Morgantown staple, this place would be better suited for a rest stop on the turnpike, serving toilet paper only. Stood at the counter for another 15 minutes watching an employee making ranch dressing without turning her back to take our order. They had chairs strewn around the main section of the restaurant. Looks like a WVU bonfire without a couch. The two customers with to-go orders socially distanced and were masked. My suggestion would be to mask the entire restaurant and socially distance from the place forever.

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