1422 Buckhannon Pike, Nutter Fort
(304) 622-0760

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Missy A.

Excellent food and service! We had bruschetta as an appetizer, meal was Stacked steak sandwich and meatball sub. Both sandwiches were huge and piping hot. Definitely will be back when in the area!

Joshua R.

Go for breakfast. Just go for breakfast. You will love it. It's fantastic. If you want breakfast, go here to get it. You will leave giddy like a school girl.

Michael Mankins

Love this place , over all 5 starsHad there pizza . Pretty plain I would suggest adding olive oil to pizza pan with Italian seasoning.Curb side pickup didn't work wellNeed a little more toppings very SkimpyBut it was good brought it home added olive oil to a pizza pan with Italian seasoning. Baked a little longer. It was awsum. !But like I said. Love this place!

Robin Hamrick

Disappointed...part of meal was missed and I got it after rest of food was cold...waitress not very friendly.. Had read and heard such great reviews? Will give it another try...may have just been an off day ?

Howard C.

Great food, wait staff is super friendly, prices are average for the amount of food you get

Tiara Wallace

Food was great! Waitress…. not so much. Mary-Beth was mine and my husbands waitress and she was a total mess. Very obviously annoyed and we could hear here talking poorly about other employees from our table. Just overall completely unprofessional and made me feel very uncomfortable and anxious. It was our first time there and I really enjoyed the food just not her service. Hopefully the management recognizes her behavior.

Susi Swain

I really liked their corned beef reuben sandwich but lately they've done something different to it, they haven't grilled the bread and the bread has been really soggy. I thought it was a one-time fluke so I ordered it again and it was the same way. I used to vote it a 5 but I'm going to have to go with a 2 or 3 now. Which really upsets me because honestly this was the only place that I would buy a Reuben in the whole city, hell the whole County.

Teresa Hall

Always great food and a wonderful staff. Lovely atmosphere! It's so good you could eat at FOP 3 times a day. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Cindy D.

Great staff and wonderful food. Love the hot Italian sausage sandwich. It is a nice place to stop and have a great meal also

Kaeli C.

Food was amazing. Staff and service was great. I would definitely go there again and probably a million times after that. Fantastic food

Linda Griffith

Thank you for your service this evening. But most of all the food was amazing. You all took care of 19 of us is was a wonderful evening. Thanks again. Linda

Vendell Gombarcik

Even tho they forgot a few items, they respectfully honored the rest the following day. Once pandemic over, will enjoy using their slot machines.

Brandon Huffman

Great food and service. Highly recommended.

Julie P.

FOP was a staple in our home until one of our family members worked there. I didn't mind the over pricing they added to menu but still were repeating customers we made plans on going to see my relative who worked there and have them wait on us only for my brother to tell us they didn't work there anymore because they had enough of the bullying from management. I was very disappointed to hear this. When I tell you FOP was our place No exaggerating but cannot give a business who treated my family so poorly my money Now the 16 dollar sandwiches don't seem worth it to me. I'm all for supporting small business but not if the business doesn't treat employees right We brought our children up to do no harm but take no disrespect and they did just as they was taught and we are all proud of them for standing up for themself I have known them their Whole life and they are as honest and straightforward as they come I'm having a hard time believing they did anything to make it ok to treat them badly there is no reason to not be respectful besides not being raised right My in law worked for this company for many years she knows a few of the bosses and she has not been back either why would anyone want to eat somewhere that treats people like that it isn't this family thats for sure, Shame on you FOP for letting mean spirited people get in the way of people just trying to get by in this life very disappointing It is sad one nasty employee in power can deter so much business My job even wanted to all get take out from FOP we did that often and when I shared that I could no longer give my money to that place and why they also said never mind I did not expect that at all but if a company or business treats people badly it can make or break you and it seems like that's what's happening to this place it's really a shame do better FOP customers may not always see what goes on behind closed doors but word of mouth is the best advertisement

ANN Drago

The FOP has the some of the best comfort food in the area. Haven't had a bad meal, portions are generous, food tastes great and the staff are friendly and efficient! Absolutely recommend especially the breakfast food!!

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