Bob Evans

90 Park Center Dr, Parkersburg
(304) 428-6555

Recent Reviews

Tamara Drain

Great service. Great food

Reta Mcvey

We had a wonderful lunch the waitress was really nice. And we will definitely be back

Adrienne C

Food is pretty good, I always enjoy comfort food.

Becky Arnold

Enjoyed our food. And had a very nice young man as our server.

cathy haycox

My 5 year old granddaughter ate breakfast, small wait but our server was awesome. Prices were great under $12 for us both.

Tracey Westfall

It was SO COLD in the restaurant that I was shivering. My food was cold unless than 5 minutes because of the intense air blowing from the AC system. It was tasty while warm but then I didn't enjoy the meal. The over cooled dining room ruined the entire meal.

Christine Norris

Food delivered quickly by DoorDash…just would have been nice if they cooked or heated it up before stuffing it in a bag and sending it out. Chicken pot pie is so cold it had to have been pulled from the fridge and stuffed directly in the bag. The accompanying salad is rotten and slimy.I now understand why people say this place is horrible. It is.After heat hung it up to an edible temp, I discover it’s a crust covering chunks of chicken and water.Do y’all even know how to cook?

Drew Marshall

Restaurant was clean. Hostess was fairly friendly. Perhaps slightly a little too friendly towards my man. And the waitress was alright. Our drinks ran out too fast too many times. (No, we weren't racing) & we had to ask for several things a few times a piece. Otherwise, the food was delicious and our mealtime was pleasant.

Kellie Tingler

Friendly service good food would recommend

Anthony waag

Awful, Staff is more worried about to go orders then customers in the restaurant. Understaffed 13 people in line just waiting to be checked in

Erik Haney

The service was top notch. Our waitress was so kind and attentive. And food was amazing too. It made my first bob evans experience delightful.

Heather Spradling

Service is always incredibly slow. Every single time. Management seems poor and inefficient/lack of presence. Servers are always nice. But the service is always so very slow even when there are very few cars in the lot.

Shawn Collins

All if the food was cold, we had to wait longer than usual for any type of service. One of my worst visits to this particular place. I used to love it there.

Chasady Jackson

Good food fast service very friendly

Linda G.

Never returning. Food is downright disgusting. Scrambled eggs were a flat, cold pile of rubber. Home fries were cold and tasted like bugs.Bacon was undercooked. Drinks were never refilled. Waitress too busy talking to others. Person with me ordered a PLAIN turkey sandwich . It arrived with cheese . Sent it back . Plain turkey on bread charged same price as a turkey melt. $8.99 And what's the deal with Bob Evans not able to get potatoes to make baked potatoes? They claim they can't get them due to pandemic. This is March 2021, they're not in shortage!

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