JP Henry's Restaurant.Sports.Banqet

5106 Emerson Ave, Parkersburg
(304) 485-9390

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Mr. Hott

This is one of the best places in the area, it's at the level of Buckley House or Austyn's at almost half the price. It's rare to get fresh crab, fresh beef, and most of everything else as fresh ingredients around here and yet they do it. I will be returning as a regular, the atmosphere is very nice, when I went it was empty and a very romantic experience, and all the booths have their own samsung TV.

K Lego

Great place to eat, the food was delicious. The staff were all very friendly and helpful.

Randy Eide

Always a great meal here. Had the Cobb salad, forgot to take a pic!

Natalie Mckown (Kitten)

Went in on Sunday August 22nd at around 5:00pm with a party of 7. I’m actually upset I have to give one star, I wish I could give zero. The lack of child’s menus should have been a red light to me, but I waited to try this restaurant since moving here from Philadelphia. I ordered a Ruben, it was lacking two main ingredients and was cold. I ordered water and was given it BEFORE I left in a travel cup. My Father finally got his coffee at the end of the meal, when it was ordered at the beginning. Our waitress, although VERY nice, could not handle the stress of the two tables she had. It was NOT busy at the time I was there. The place was SO poorly lit, I had to use my phone for a flashlight. The waitress apologized for everything from the overly sweet lemonade, to the crab cakes that had..gravy on them? They were horrible and left uneaten. I was just disappointed all around, from the SAD selection of food (if you have kids don’t even go) to the lack of attention from the waitress (she went MIA a lot), and after dropping 125.00 for dinner, and STILL tipping the girl 20.00, I think the better bet would be to go to Cheddars. Again, HATE writing a bad review, but I wanna save someone some money.


I’ve visited this establishment since it opened its doors. So I have a lot of sentimental value for it. It’s a beautiful place and is very well kept. The service is good. The menu is simple but I like that. Everything on there is good. It’s best to order with friends and share. I don’t drink so I can’t comment on their spirits. But my friends never complain. Wonderful place for any occasion.

OV509/2619 OvrynVreeland

Huge loud sports bar with good food. Lots of tv screens on every wall. Very loud.

Scott Phillips

Food and service is exceptional! Will definitely go there again when in the area.


Daily specials are unique, refreshing and the staff is fantastic. They go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable dining experience. They bring what you need before you can ask. Food is Fantastic....period!

Terry Caruthers

I placed a take out order that was supposed to be ready for pick up at 6:30 pm. I arrived at 6:35 to pick up my order and was told to wait by the bar and it will be out shortly. Apparently shortly is 40 minutes because that’s how long I had to awkwardly stand next to the bar. So yeah, not happy with having to wait that long but stuff happens so I can shrug that off as long as the food is great…. The burger I ordered is without exaggeration one of the worst burgers I’ve ever had. It was extremely overcooked and had zero seasoning. It was like biting into a sand patty. I had to take the beef off the bun and turn it into a blt just to attempt to somewhat salvage it. So yeah, bad service and bad food = 1 star.

Justin Adams

Amazing! Steak was cooked perfectly. My fiance said her long Island ice teas were some of the best she's ever had. Thanks for the great service and food!!!


Was so happy to be greeted and seated pleasantly without any issues of "not taking walk ins" which had been an earlier turn away at the Blennerhassett in Parkersburg for dining. Bar options are great and food choices are within a range from light to full entrees even at lunch and all menu items available . Pricing is good with generous serving size. Waitstaff pleasant,helpful and genuinely seemed to be happy to provide us with lunch.

DJ Murray

A bit pricey, but worth it. Service was awesome. We didn't care for their cole slaw, it is different. But, everything else was very good.

Carl Hecknauer

Me and my family had excellent service. The staff, including our waitress, Jamieson, were all nice and polite. Waiting on the food didn't take too long, and everything was hot and delicious. My steak was a little over seasoned, but I'm not complaining, because it was still really good.


Ate here for the first time last Friday. Food was very good. I had the fried shrimp my friend had the prime rib. Service was pretty good too. Not too busy and didn't have to wait for a table, even tho there was a party in a different room. Music that was being played was good as well, and not overly loud. So a conversation was easy to have. Would go back again.

Nancy Beall

My fiancée and his sister and I stopped yesterday for early dinner. We had the shrimp cakes and the salmon. All the food we had was delicious. Was piping hot, fresh and served with a smile. Drinks and salad to start were good as well. The restaurant was clean, inviting and the ambience was fun. The staff was excellent. Thank you so much.

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JP Henry's Restaurant.Sports.Banqet

5106 Emerson Ave, Parkersburg, WV 26104
(304) 485-9390