510 E Lathrop Rd, Evansville
(307) 235-0111

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D B.

Great service, tasty food. All is fresh and hot. The restroom and the place itself inside are clean. Staff is very friendly. All that needed for a traveller like me. Also yI was served quickly with no hassle. Don't understand, why people put poor reviews. Thank you, guys! Keep it up! Next time will stop here again.


This is the best IHOP I've ever been to. The food tasted wonderful and it was a great stop for my siblings and I. We've been traveling for 5 days with a lot of crazy ups and downs (our van broke down and we were stranded.) The manager was our waitress and she was so wonderful and on top of everything. We had a large, complicated order and everything was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend this place.


Had a waiter that was beyond awesome. His name was Adian. Took very good care of me and my friend.

Sonya S.

Go to Denny's! No customers and restaurant is dirty! Guess no customers should have been a sign!!! Food was blah.... Seriously go to Denny's. Or one of the other restaurants in town! Waitress never came back to ask how every was and if we needed anything. Baby chg ing table was deplorable. Dr Pepper was good, that was the one star.

Kate Standish

Waitress was friendly and could read minds in a good way. Food was amazing even though we came during off hours (noon). She also made a point of letting the cook know that we liked the food, which was just a nice thing for her to do.

Rachelle Carter

The food was cold, not warm, but cold when we got it. The waiter got short with me when I asked a question. The dining area was clean, and the taste of the food would have been fine, if it were not cold. I just ate it without complaining because we were traveling with children, and they were starving and antsy, so I did not want to cause any delays. I think a better trained wait staff would have made the visit better.

Haydn B.

This is an awesome place super nice staff and they really go above and beyond for you I'm definitely going here again next time I'm in Casper I really can't say enough good about it and the french toast is absolutely amazing and it smells SOOO good

S Mike Eckhardt

I waited to be seated for at least 5 minutes. The table had not been cleaned where I was seated and the tables were only 25% full. I realize that its been hard to find help for these places but this was pretty bad. The saving grace was that the food was good.

jennifer Fernandez

Rude customer service from staff. Orders came out wrong. When I tried to have it corrected I was finding myself arguing with the lady. I really don't like confrontation, but I also don't like being spoken to in a diminutive manner..I understand they were teaching a trainee, but even then there was so much tension between all employees I felt the atmosphere was awkward. Was told I'll need to wait for a cup of water. This was my 1st real meal since having surgery last week. Something as basic as a cup of water can't be given without a 10 minute wait? Won't be returning.If you're looking for good breakfast and friendly service, I would try the Wooden Derrick in Casper, Wyoming

Lacie W.

Took my husband and kids out for breakfast since it is Father's Day. Our waitress spilt my daughters hot chocolate all over the table and the chairs. She didn't return to clean it so I took it upon myself to get paper towel from the bathroom and grabbed a cleaning spray bottle they had sitting by the register and I cleaned our table which she didn't acknowledge and neither did anyone else. Our food was cold and she kept forgetting to bring us syrup so my kids would eat their pancakes and forgot my husbands toast after asking for it multiple times. The waitress was nice but they need to get their stuff together. The place wasn't busy either. They seemed pretty well staffed. I still tipped but felt like we should have tipped ourselves. We won't be going back.

emma. griff

our server was very nice! the food took a while though because it was only him and another worker. hopefully next time the time is less! but overall the food was great, and filled our stomachs! :)

C Richardson

Wonderful service. Unlike many places, their lobby is open and fully functional. Yeah. A wonderful break for weary travelers. Thank you Leah for the great attention.

Bridget Hanbery Berman

great staff. yummy food. family atmosphere.

Carol McNally

45 min wait for omlette, pancake and tbone(ordered country fried steak) that was raw. Center of omlette, steak and pancakes were raw. Restraunt was filthy

Diane Midkiff

Maybe we stopped in on a bad day , the food as far as taste and getting in a timely matter was good . They only had 2 kinds of salad dressing Ranch and Ceasar ( not a fan of either). The sever was nice young man and maybe he was kind of new but took forever for him to clean a table behind us and then he came and took our order ( and it wasnt like they were busy)

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