Korean Garden

300 E Dimond Blvd, Anchorage
(907) 522-5556

Recent Reviews

Samuel Czerski

I was visiting Anchorage for the first time, and on my last night I tried Korean Garden. Just walking into the store, I knew they were doing it right. Unfortunately, I was only able to try the bibimbap, and it was fantastic. I was also extremely delighted/surprised with the to-go banchan. This is one of my favorite parts of a Korean meal, and it made my stomach (and heart) happy. If I’m ever in Anchorage again, I will certainly be back…. definitely to try the mackerel and kimchi jjigae. Korean Garden restored my love for the cuisine and reminded me of my time in South Korea. It was the perfect end to my trip. 찰 먹겠습니다 !

F. Torralba

Great for lunch. They have box specials.

Chen X.

RACISTS DONT GO Go check Google reviews. There have been multiple reviews. If we had seen those, we would have never been there.

Yiqun L.

Do not go to this place! They are very unfriendly and racist. We waited for 45min and they have n't started our dishes and let us go in the end. But the people came after us already got their foot way before us. It is a disastrous experience!!

Chris Hofmann

Their BBQ Chicken is amazing and everything was so good

Tallblackchick 1984

They are very particular of who they respect based on your look. I won't use the r word but..... You know what I mean. I asked for a menu and said that I was going to dine out because of the low space. Not only were the two women dismissive of my request. They acted too busy to grab a menu to hand me. Meanwhile a couple of opposite skin complexion walks in and gets seated right away. And tended to immediately. I hate using the race card. But I was starving and maybe just a bit impatient but I walked out hungry to say the least. Phonatiks got my coin and I will not be in a rush to give them my business.

Jack C.

Good Korean option in anchorage It's not as good as the food in Seoul but it's okay Seafood tofu soup was mediocre.

Hyeyoung Bang

Great, authentic, delicious Korean food. The lady who served us is very kind. We had chicken & ginseng, & mackerel.


Me and my family always eat here. The servers here are always such sweethearts and I've to give big compliments to their chef because they bring out food extremely fast and it's always so delicious. Love it!

Jeremy Liu

Really enjoyed the kalbi lunch special. Staff were friendly and efficient. Would come back again to eat here.

Josh Grogg

Definitely one of the better Korean restaurants in Anchorage. Menu is the perfect size and food is fantastic!

Chad Slaughter

Great food, good portions and friendly service.


My wide and I have been regulars for many years. While the service was not the best, it was bearable. That was until tonight. There was no one there, that we knew. There was only one other couple in the restaurant. We were seated, given water and menus and that is where the service ended. When we decided what we wanted to eat, we flagged down a waitress and told her. She told the other. She proceeded to wait on the Korean couple there. We were ignored for another 5 minutes. With all the Korean restaurants in this town. There are others that offer better service and food. I would recommend any of the others.

M Tauf

Had the bulgogi and it was very good. The best I've had in town it was a consistent taste throughout the whole dish. Other places it'd be super sweet in some spots. The service was very friendly. We were also served cinnamon tea for free.

Lindy L.

I always order the galbi from them through Doordash. It always tastes delicious and is prepared fast. Side dishes are amazing too!

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