Peter's Sushi Spot

3020 Minnesota Dr, Anchorage
(907) 562-5187

Recent Reviews

Matt Norman

Good food..service was great. Great first impression

Ryan Cropper

Food was great but the service needs some serious help. I get it's tough to find good people right now but the people you have should at least do a good job. I've experienced covid service and it sucks but Peter's is a new low.

Lindsay P.

The food was amazing, but the service was very slow.

Robbie “Roobtheloob” Ellis

Whoa, you will not be disappointed. Great service and great sushi. If you like well balanced rolls that aren't drenched in sauce this is a must try.

Aren Callahan

Very tasty, excellent service and nice ambiance. The ingredients were very fresh and the staff was really friendly. I also noticed the bathrooms were extremely clean and well kept, which is a big one for me.

Hailey Mc.

Amazing sushi, very nice establishment. I highly recommend having some unfiltered saki with your meal! We're repeat customers for sure.

Amanda Bremner

Try the Tempura Almond Scallop appetizer. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Metcalf

One of the premier spots in town you might want to make a reservation on premier weekend times

Augusta S.

WOWWWWWW you must eat hereeeeee It just doesn't get better than this. First off, the hours listed on Yelp are off, so you have to call to see the times. Secondly, the service was very nice and they catered to our big group very well. We ordered a two sushi boats, the veggie JJAMpong, wagyu sushi, miso cod, and the fried chicken. Honestly EVERYTHING was delicious. The boat had: yellowtail, scallops, toro, tuna, salmon, albacore, makerel, and others that I do not recall...BUT it was all amazing. Best sushi of my life. Congratulations Peters sushi, you have won this humble yelper's award Although their sushi' is amazing, you CANNOT SLEEP on their veggie jjampong and miso cod. Their veggie jjampong is off the menu, and I have never had anything like it. It's soooooooo flavorful with the perfect spice level that leaves your whole body warm and refreshed. Highly recommend!! Next time I'm in Alaska, you know where to find me

Ryan Winters

Phenomenal omakase, great staff and service. I was in Anchorage for 3 days and went here twice!

Don Graham

4 different meals for four. Wonderful presentation. I had the Chicken Paad Tie` recommended by the Lady of the House rather than Chicken Yakisoba. Twas too much for me. All the other plates were clean. So you know it was good. So nice to hear others conversations.

Dustin Hare

Mongolian Beef was excellent! I like mine on the sweeter side and this did the trick.

Amy Cox

This place has gone downhill. The sushi and atmosphere were okay but the service was painfully slow. It took an hour and 15 minutes to get our order of sashimi and one roll. Our server was inattentive and curt. Definitely going to one of our go-to places next time instead!


I've eaten here many times over the years and I'm usually never disappointed. Tonight they served us bad uni. That was so unpleasant, I'm still getting that ammonia flavor rising up in the back or my throat. They should not have served us that, they should have just told us they were out. Very disrespectful.

Brenda Stalker

Its a good spot to be. Its called fancy sushi

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