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3337 Fairbanks St, Anchorage
(907) 333-9999

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Elizabeth Babylon

Always a good time at Sushi & Sushi! Servers are kind, food is delicious and comes out quickly.

David S.

Had the worst experience at sushi sushi today. I ordered over $100 worth of food and was rudely told to wait by the cashier (flamboyant bald man gentlemen) when I had a question about my order. There was no one around to help me or answer my question. Then while the cashiers were being secretive and starring at me, they gave my order away to the wrong person. To top it off they asked if the person who got the wrong order were to bring it back would I accept it? Giving me food that someone else drove away with. Crazy. That's COVID written all over it. I should complain to the health department. If I wouldn't have noticed this they would have not remade my food and gave me the food that the person returned. Big time health violation. Lots of attitude and non-apologetic at all. If it wasn't for the fact I ordered for a whole office I would have asked for a refund and and taken my business elsewhere. Shiesty to saw the least.

Dan C.

The best the Anchorage. Had it delivered by Go Getter Foods. They called letting me know my order was late. More then I expected for a delivery service. I will be returning again.

Matthew Setzer

Had a late lunch here, great sushi place in Anchorage. I had just taken a big test and needed some brain food. Did not disappoint, would go back. One of the spicy rolls was loaded on top with spicy tuna chunks- I was impressed. Service was fast, sushi was good. Highly recommend.

Tarry Green

Our waitress Hannah was very polite and knowledgeable about the menu. The sushi was not only delicious, but the presentation was spectacular. I also appreciated the restaurant adhering to the recommended Covid-19 protocol.

Julia L.

I felt that the roll selection did not have enough variety. Two of the three tempura specialty dessert options were not available. I took a chance on the Naruto roll but I felt like all I could taste was the cucumber and ponzu sauce. It was just wasn't a hit. The service was great & accommodating. The ambiance was nice.

Becca S.

The sushi is fresh and delicious. It's a bit pricey, but the atmosphere in the restaurant matches the price. I do like that they take Togo orders pretty late, and you can get that late night sushi fix.

Nacole Frazier

My first time going here and the food was so good. The service was amazingly great. I would definitely come here again. Going to bring my fiancé here for sure.

Kristin Westbay

Wonderful experience. Sushi rolls were spot on. Restaurant was clean and well staffed. Pictured above is Pink Panther roll and below Samaria roll. Got two appetizers as well.. Delicious!

Molly M.

Good and great. Food was extremely fresh, quick, and delicious. And the candy bowl is what dreams are made of. 11/10 recommend.


The customer service was absolutely horrendous. My friend received a dirty cup that had residue stuck all over the sides of the cup. The restaurant was too dark to initially see the residues. My friend did not notice at first because the water tasted fine until he got to 3/4th of the cup. Mind you, the waiter also accidentally spilled on the same friend, and etc. Once issues were reported to the waiter and asked to speak to the manager, we waited over 20-30 minutes until a Korean lady approached us. After we shared the issues with her, she didn’t seem to be apologetic and mentioned that she’s typically the manager on other days but not today. She proceeded to asked what we wanted her to do. She claimed that there was no manager on site, and other workers seemed to follow as well. Lastly, they sent a male Caucasian staff member with a piece of paper with an email address for us to contact. He initially said there was no manager on site. Once my friend said he will report this to DOH, that male worker then changed his wording. Lastly, their restaurant license was expired for awhile. My first trip to Alaska was good until this incident. From this incident, I was concerned that my friend would get sick and could also potentially get covid since the cup was not sanitary. What a nightmare!!

Bertha Castaneda Delagarza

Great service

Gary Anderson Jr.

great service and selection.


We were impressed with the speed and efficiency of the staff here. The sushi was good, although my wife got a piece of "fishy" salmon nigiri. If we lived in Anchorage, we would certainly go back.

Miguel H.

The service was quick, professional, and kind. The food was the best we've had here in Anchorage and the decor was amazing and well-suited for a sushi bar. The music was interesting and unique. Would come back!

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