Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant

35783 US-231, Ashville
(205) 594-4160

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Randall Keith

Our favorite restaurant on the planet. Always perfect, staff, service and especially the food. Wish the buffet was back, but still the best and still trying to get even better.

Alicia Miller

Let me leave this review before I leave the parking lot! This was as AWFUL!!!! We literally tried a bite of our food and each individual said they would not eat it as it was nasty. The light grey ground beef which the manager or owner stated it's because of mass production of the cattle has cause the color to fade. The steak was so tough my son's girlfriend could not chew it. These were just a few reasons besides the ZERO flavor. When we immediately let out waitress know who was too busy handling something in the back too actually deal with us when we first came in and half way listened as we ordered so we had to adjust or send back when it originally came out in pieces. I love MiCasita but this is a shameful location. The owner came to speak with us staying he would take half off of our plates of full food because no one else in the restaurant had complained. Also he would email me the vendors emails explaining the over production of cows causing the meat to look light grey and uncooked. So we just paid $60 for 2 large cheese dips and 6 drinks as that is all that was touched unless you count the 1 bite per item that let us know not to take another! This is a awful location and a shameful management. We will leave here and go to MiCasita near Gadsden and eat what a messed up b'day dinner for my son!!!!!

Sheila Price

FYI they don’t serve beer ? or margaritas on Sunday in the town of Ashville. So ordered 2 LARGE cheese & meat dip and 2 bags of chips & salsa to go…. $25.30 Got home & no salsa, cheese dip was so runny it was like water, chips were stale, the LARGE was extremely small!!! Very disappointed ?

Ralph Westmoreland

Food was good, one server. She did her job well but could have used some assistance.

Tiffany H.

The service was just absolutely terrible. The customer service was awful. Wouldn't recommend this place.

Brandon Freeberg

Very good food, the margaritas are a little high. Staff and environment were really good as well.

John Oliver

Awesome atmosphere and the food was astonishing. Definetely recommend tgeir services. Thank you micasidas.

Elizabeth Kirby

Good fast service. Good food

Kent Archer

We probably eat here at least 3 times a month. Sometimes we hit it once a week. The staff is always friendly and the food is consistently good. It is worth a couple of minutes off the Interstate if you are passing through and craving some chips and queso.


Had the Cowboy quesadilla, portions were large, actually could have split it with my husband. Food was excellent. Staff very friendly. Definitely will be back.

kc cook

Great food really crowded on Friday and Saturday nights no mask requirement.

AFrayed Knott

Fantastic food. Excellent wait staff. Very clean tables and silverware.

Carol Thrawley

Food was plenty full and very tasty.

james hudson

I really enjoyed the food and service was even better

Wendy Branham

They are always so good.

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Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant

35783 US-231, Ashville, AL 35953
(205) 594-4160