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Sabrina L.

october 2019 update: its amazing how over the three years i've been at this school, they still suck. orders are often wrong, and they don't care. this panera is trash. every single time i've been here, there's been something wrong with my order. one time my sandwich literally had NO BREAD LMAO how do you forget the bread on a sandwich??? (i attached a picture). and when i went back the lady was kind of rude about it. i went back today and they messed up my order, forgot my side, and didn't give me a fork. i'm not asking for much but pls @panera get it together!!

Lucy T.

This Panera bread has definitely made a 360 improvement. Amazing what being open for over a year now in this location has done for their establishment. They have now become one of my go to breakfast places and a great place for pastries/baked goods. From employees not knowing what I'm talking about when I'm ordering to now almost always having my orders correct and waiting for me when I use the rapid pick up feature. I'd been having a few great visits in a row where my items waiting for me, but today I ordered a kitchen sink cookie (the best cookie ever) about an hour before close. When I got there, I was told they ran out. Yep...it's that good. I was told some of their bakery items run out closer to the end of the day. Makes sense since they probably don't bake more than one batch a day. Sometimes the app will tell you when an item is out of stock, but I've had two times now where it didn't and I had to choose an alternate dessert since I already paid for it on my app. So I got not one but TWO cheese Brittany's to enjoy after the workers were so sorry I couldn't get my first choice. They were super nice, and I would recommend going earlier in the day to get the pastries you want! I was told some of their bakery items run out closer to the end of the day. Makes sense since they probably don't bake more than one batch a day whereas a sandwich or salad they can make pretty much any time on the spot.

NaTalya A.

Panera is one of my favorites to grab lunch. They have any choices and especially if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan options. There is no private parking and I recommend using the app so you can get in and out faster.

Katelyn R.

Honestly this is probably one of the worst services. First off I understand that's it's a college run business however it is close to the hospital and there are many people who aren't college students that go there. With that being said, there has been many times my order has been incorrect (literally one was messing up my bagel), I ordered a salad with chicken and they forgot the chicken. When I go back to get it correct, its usually brushed off. I've had an interaction with the manager once, I accidentally order my breakfast to the wrong panera. Instead of being helpful, she just brushed me off. Besides that it's a normal panera, the food is semi correct sometimes, the service will be completely subpar.

Angela N.

The UAB Hill Student Center is located on UAB's main campus. It's a place where UAB student's go to eat, study, and hang out. There are 4 places to get food here: full moon, Panera, mein bowl, and Starbucks. Students can use blazerbucks or dining dollars at any of these locations. Overall, the food is ok. Panera is overpriced. Full moon offers some $6 combos. Mein bowl is probably the best place to getthe right amount of food for the price you pay. It's a convenient, nice, clean place for students to eat and wait between classes. Great student center!

Jessica K.

The Panera at the hill center has never once got my order right. Often times it's something completely different from what I asked for. To fix it takes 30min.

Shameka C.

I met a former co-worker for lunch. I had the "pick two" and ordered the Half Fugi Apple Salad with Chicken and a cup of Broccoli Cheddar soup. Looking at the salad, I didn't think I would get full but that with the soup satisfied me until dinner. The cashier was courteous. This Panera Bread is located in the Hill Center of UAB. There was no line, so we ordered and received our food quickly.

Myra L. W.

I'm so glad to have this Panera Bread on Southside and near the downtown area. I wish there was a sign posted outside of UAB's, Hill Building. Multiple times I've used GPS looking for it and not once does it state it's inside another building. Their service is fast and the food is so fresh. My favorite/comfort food is the Broccoli Cheddar Bread Bowl. Yelp'n about it now makes me want a Christmas cookie and some Turkey Chilli which is seasonal.

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