The Collins Bar

2125 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 323-7995

Recent Reviews

Bri Wright

Fun atmosphere. Great drinks. Friendly staff.I love that I can just give the bartenders an idea of the taste I'm wanting and they give me phenomenal drinks every time.

Nicholas Miles

the cocktails and decor are worth the visit!

Mike Williams

Rude to me every time I’ve been. Door man is a more rude than average. Owner was sitting right there watching, he didn’t care….that equals approval

Tika Majere

Be aware of the menu and prices before going in. I was surprised, but they were clearly posted online and on the menu board, so it's my fault. The atmosphere is the draw. Bring old friends or new to hang out a while. Let the staff make you something new for a conversation piece. Good music, good drinks, good people.

Cody K

Very cool cocktail bar with dark red light environment. No menu, you tell them what type of spirit you want and general idea of what you like and they craft custom cocktails.

LaKera Rothchild

Worst service I’ve ever experienced. The staff made me feel completely out of place and unwelcome. Our waiter didn’t want to take our order and the margarita I paid for was just SALT WATER. I’ll never visit Collins again and I don’t understand how they’re referred to as “best bar in Birmingham”.

Caroline Bryan-McGraw

My husband and I tried to pop in for a drink last night with his parents visiting from England. My husband and I had our ID’s but his parents who are in their mid 60’s didn’t. The doorman refused to let them in because they didn’t have their IDs which was just completely ludicrous. They are retired and only a blind person might think they were under 21. We were all dressed up nice to go to a restaurant nearby we had reservations for and I was shocked at how poorly we were tre

Suzanne Harkins Sanderson

Awesome bar and mixologist

Janis Taylor

Great décor with big paper airplanes on the ceiling and a giant periodic table behind the bar. There is no cocktail menu so the bartenders whip up something according to what you tell them you like. I didn't do a great job describing what I was looking for (because I didn't know for sure) so my cocktail was very very good but not great. I feel like I should have elaborated more. Will definitely return and fine tune the system.

TheJig IsUp

Had a great time here, drinks and bartender were awesome.

Greg McGill

Still making cocktails the way you want. I heard a person ordering a bourbon old fashioned which impressed me since a true old fashioned is usually rye.We asked for a drink to be adjusted with a bit more lime juice and it was no problem.Overall, it reminds me of a NYC or SF bar where the customer is respected, right along with the spirits served.This remains a fine addition to our city.

Paul Nelson

It has the atmosphere of a dive bar and the prices of a hotel minibar. $12 for a Johnnie Walker Red is the most offensive thing I’ve encountered in a bar anywhere. I know drinking out is always more expensive, but paying $12 for a single shot of a well liquor that costs $20 for a bottle? Buffalo Wild Wings is known for being poorly priced, but it offers Johnnie Walker Black for $7. This happened several hours ago and I’m still in absolute disbelief that they charge so much for a well liquor. I wonder do they overcharge for all liquors or just scotch? And how do they find customers willing to overpay so much, in such a bland, mediocre setting with below average service?

Brian Brock

Interesting place; know your drinks as there's no menu and they fix what you want to order.

Quinecia Allen

The lamb on the collins gyro was delicious also great atmosphere once inside.

Jerome Davenport

Our bartender wasn't able to produce any useful suggestions about what to order. We ended up with a dark and stormy and a Manhattan. The dark and stormy used fever tree ginger beer which was nice. I didn't see what vermouth went into the Manhattan but it had a sour thin taste and wasn't good. The music and decor was cool. We ended up paying around $30 for two drinks, which I thought was extremely overpriced for the quality of service and drinks we received.

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