1718 W Grand Ave, Gadsden
(256) 467-7649

Recent Reviews

Jennifer Sterling

Grabbed a quick bite on lunch break, service was little slow for that, I'll visit again when I'm not in a time crunch

Randall Gober

Great food great people was not busy at the moment I went but be prepared for a line normally

Kristie Gilley

It's by far one of my favorite Jacks to eat at!

Jose Zapata Ayala

The service was good. The food okay. The chicken was dry and tasted awful. The burger was really good. I will never order fried chicken from this establishment.

Frederic Roy-Legros

First visit. Its a fast food, so I dont expect much more than taste good and it is. Friendly service at the casher/order food came fast . Sit to eat on place and that lady cleaning the table she did see i didn't take napkin and bring me some with a nice smile , little attention so little and so awesome !! Those little things who make and simple cheap fast food deserved the FIVE stars rating . Clean fast good friendly everything you expect and at its best. They make other fast food looking ridiculous.

Becki Grossheim

The person at the drive-thru speaker was ina rush and continued to cut me off as I was trying to to order the girl with the window seems lost and confused a very nonchalant didn't care attitude the other sad thing is that the sandwiches seem to be less than they used to be I mean if it's big with bacon you expect to see more than two half pieces of bacon and you don't want to see the stump of the lettuce you want to actually see lettuce leaves sad

Jeff Lloyd

Burgers could be bigger everything else the family got was great even the burger wish we had one close to knoxville tn good food and it was fast.

Charlie Myers

Very dirty lobby drink spill in floor trash full was not pleasant to set down and eat sorry just way it was. I told up front about the drink spill did not want someone to slip and fall

Kandice Martin

Very nice employees and cozy restaurant. Rode by a few weeks ago and the building was torn down but the sign was still up. I hope they're just remodeling and haven't closed down. The building looked good in my eyes thought.

Delisabel Lopez

Great food but fries were too salty for me. Plenty of food options and dine in available.

dana moore

I love the lady in drive thru. She makes my day every time I go thru. She knows me bc I did an unusual thing and paid for the car in front of me instead of the car behind me.

Edward Thompson

First ever visit to a Jack’s. Clarissa made our visit amazing! Suggested some great menu items and even made me a surprise shake per my request. She was friendly, bubbly and was working non-stop.The food was great, the restaurant was clean, they were fast and my only complaint is you do not have any locations up north.

Joseph Verdi

Great stop, waitress was amazing... French fries have great seasoning and the fried green tomatoes are delicious

K.M. M.

I have been to this Jack's in the past it was good. Nice employees good food That was a few months back. Now not so good! I paid with my bank debit card and I have alerts on this card when purchases have been made. I pay with my card and it is hit 6 times back to back after 20 minutes or so. So I call and ask to speak to the general manager and she was not there. Cora however was and was the one I was talking to and she identified herself as the manager. So I proceed to tell her what had happened she immediately cut me off and told me there us nothing she could do that I would have to call the Corp office. She said credit cards, I told her it was my bank card and then told me to not hollar at her which I didnt. I just corrected her that it was my bank card. Then shes hangs up on me. So I try to call back and she had took the phone off the hook. So I drove back up there and she denied talking or hanging up on me. I asked her for the 800# so she goes in the office to get it which if your a manager you should know that # by heart. She leaves me standing there waiting for 20 mins for the phone #. So I call another Jack's and get the info I need from a Hayley in the attalla Jack's. Haley was very nice and professional. Mind you I have this all on video! So Cora with her drugged looking coward self comes back out while I'm on the phone with Haley and slams the paper with the # on the counter and tells me she already talked to Mindy the general manager I guess that what's she had been doing for the past 20mins. I will be calling Jimmy Mize the director of operations 1st thing in the morning. Not only was she rude but that restuarant under her for the shift looked nasty and disgusting had I went in to order I would have turned around and walked out. Someone in charge needs to get a grip on this Jack's before it goes down even the employees except for 2 was rude to other ppl. I have all this on video! She will never forget hanging up and being rude after I get done!!! If your going to work with the public expeclley in a restaurant you need to know how to treat and have respect for people!!!!

Cecil Ledbetter

I normally do not go to this Jack's but it was on the way home this might. Jack's food is most often good for fast food and Jack's one of the best ff restaurants related to customer serviceThis night not their strong suit. The young man taking my order was the highlight but the other staff seemed to be only interested in the customer.Because of the price hikes since COVID I now expect much more from fast food than I did in the past. The food has not improved, from r any of the ff franchises and the average meal per person running 7.5 to 12.00 per person I believe money would be better spent on the next level of of sit down restaurant. For the price I can get a low end entree from Chili's, or applebee's and pay just about the same. If the franchises do not find a way to add value to the product the fast foods we saw close during this past 12 months is just the beginning.

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