Blaze Pizza

1800 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 293-8400

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Clint Smith

The wife and I had lunch here today. They were understaffed but the 3 ladies working were doing everything they could to keep up with the orders coming in. They probably made 50+ pizzas in the 45min to an hour that we were there. Even tho it took longer than it normally would I just wanted to give a review on how much we appreciated them coming in putting in hard work! Some were frustrated at the wait time but hopefully more people noticed it wasn’t there fault and noticed the effort they put in. We def did and left them with a nice tip to show it!

Shane A

I have waded through hellfire and high-water to get this pizza before, and plan on in the future.That being said, they have continually gotten my orders wrong, but due to my preference for their food, I've bitten the bullet, and accepted it.Tonight was the last straw. They accepted my door dash order at 9:22; 8 minutes before they stopped taking orders. They accepted my order, and my bank alerted me the funds were withdrawn. The dasher had prematurely alerted us that he had even picked up the order.It was only then, after 30 minutes of expecting a beautifully crafted pizza experience to arrive at my door after 8 hours of work and 3 hours of moving, that the dasher canceled our order.I called the store directly, hoping to sort this matter out, and be told it was the dashers issue.Alas, my hopes were crushed. The external vendor blaze pizza has hired to accept and direct their calls for phone orders was unable to complete the call to the store, a full 10 minutes before their listed closure.Put rather straightforward; your management is abysmal. Don't accept my order and lead me on, and then not have the self-value to call me to tell me youre unable to fulfill my order. Your mother raised you better than that, and if she didn't I understand and I'm sorry you experienced that.So here I am. No pizza. And even though I'm going to spend more money here, I won't be shocked when other people don't, and your doors close for good.Straighten up and fly right. It's not that I'm mad, I'm just really disappointed....

Katie Cox

Amazing staff and amazing pizza. These guys are the best in town, hands down!!!

Bianca M.

This place was a good little lunch spot and the pizza was filling , the price is perfect and the the staff was very kind . The one employee need an attitude check cause she wasn't the picture of southern sweetnesses but other then that it was good , clean and followed cdc guidline

Nicole T. Springer

Calvin is a quick, responsive, on-it, and observant manager. You can see how he ensures that his staff are following protocols and making sure every product comes out great. The line can be a bit long but it's worth the wait of fresh pizza the way you want it. A bit more expensive, but way better than other pizza options in town.

Robert Bowers

Fast made to order . Excellent customer service.

Frances H.

I came in on a Friday night and was the only customer in line. I waited for about 2 minutes for someone to even notice I was there (they had an abundance of workers - which nobody was doing anything...) I finally had someone come up and ask for my name after a few people came in behind me. I then stood for about 5 minutes watching people line up behind me and nobody making any effort to take my order or even set a pizza out to be made for me. I watched the manager walk around and she proceeded to touch and look at the orders stacking up and then walk away.. didn't even help with the line that was now almost out the door. Finally after waiting and watching that mess, I decided to leave and not even eat. Not only was it odd that they had so many workers doing nothing, the place where they were making pizzas was a mess, food was everywhere and nothing was even being cleaned up. It was overall just a bad experience, I won't be back..

Kathy Hammond

Very epic experience! We rolled up with a bus load of people, and the workers were extremely accommodating and efficient! On top of that, they were all around wonderful people to interact with!

Gabe Poulin

We came in with a huge track team and got us in and out quickly. Overall great food and kind staff.

Emily Berry (student)

Great Pizza and even better service! Welcomely took on our entire track team’s order! All 40 of us!!

Anna M.

Delicious!!!! Great service as well! This was our first time here and we thought it would be overwhelming with all of the choices, but the staff was very friendly and walked us through the process. Will be back!

Jimmy K

Wow, this place sure can make a pizza! Toppings were perfect, dough was delicious and the cheesy breadsticks were amazing! We ordered breadsticks, 2 large pizzas, one with pineapple and chicken and one with olives and sausage!

Chelsie E.

Loved the food and quality. I enjoy being able to make my food exactly how I want and blaze gives me that option. I tried it for the first time 2 days ago, and came back the next day because it was sooooo good. Definitely recommend!!

Jade Skye

This place is cute. Just like a Subway but pizza style. I loved mine. They do have a lot of options for your pizza not just the regular veggies.

C Porter

Build your own pizza it was delicious I staff Restaurant clean.

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