Glory Bound Gyro Co.

1301 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 349-0505

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King J

Drove from bham to Tuscaloosa to get to pepper jack gyros. They are the best. Friendly atmosphere and good food!!!

Jim Thompson

Right next to campus. Good food and good beer.

Matthew Tylor

The gyro was great guys. Fries were still good even with the condensed heat of the food. Although I was late on getting the order, it was delicious and worth the heavy traffic lol.

Chris Cavitt

Thanks GB for a FANTASTIC contribution to our gameday experience. Great food, superb & friendly service.

Doug B.

What an excellent choice before a gameday at Alabama! We stopped in at around 10:30 in the morning for a night game. Weren't many people there yet and we had the place all to ourselves. We got a pepperjack gyro, chicken pizza, and chicken gyro. All solid choices. It was tough to pick just one, because this is the type of place where you can just tell that everything is good. Gives me plenty of reasons to go back!! When the food came out, I was impressed by how flavorful everything was, the perfect pita consistency, and the way the honey mustard added a fantastic zing to the gyro. Excellent all around!!

Amy Griffis-Gorham

Great drinks and game day leprechauns to be found here!

Callie J.

What an awesome place!! ROLL TIDE game day and the town us PACKED! Walking past this little pizza joint and we happen to see an open table. This nice gentleman says it's open seating, first come first serve. We jumped at it!! I sat down and my husband ventured inside to see what they had. He ordered the hummus, nuffalo chix pizza, a few mimosas, and a spiked strawberry lemonade. The hummus came out first and was fresh and the bread was hot! Yum!! Next, here comes the pizza. The flavor was right on point along with the crust! It wasn't over doughy which was right up our alley. The mimosas were full of life and my husband loved his spiked punch. The atmosphere was light, super friendly, and tidy. Come to find out the gentleman up front taking care of everyone was the owner. Customer experience was super important to him and it showed. Thanks for a great game day lunch!

Joni Karras Walsh

Loved the food and atmosphere!!!

Rebecca Hatten (Becca)

We sorely miss the one that was here in Birmingham. This location is cute and everyone there seems nice. Very easy to find and the food is just as good as we remember. Was a treat to have the nostalgia.

Jarred R

The food was great, as was the service. Price was kinda insane for the portion size, but that's college bars for you. What was less understandable was the huge wood roach crawling around the wall next to our table while we ate. One of the downsides to keeping their doors open all the time I guess.

Alexandra Nicole

My order was completely wrong and wanted it corrected. The girl at the cash register wanted to charge again for an entire new gyro to correct my order. Don’t bother asking for anything listed on their online menu, it’s completely inaccurate was told couldn’t make several items on there. I asked for a roasted red pepper gyro and was just given a tiny serving of humus and bread.

Neil Annis

Who would think you would find some of the best gyros ever in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Yet here they are ?


It located right outside of U of A campus, reasonably priced and very tasty.

McKinley H.

What a great little place! My falafel gyro was great! The falafel was perfect. The pita was fresh. There was plenty of tzatziki sauce on my gyro and it was pretty stuffed too! The fries were also great; they were perfectly seasoned and crispy. My only complaints are that it was hard to find napkins in the restaurant. They do not have any sitting out and only have one dispenser in a very hidden place on the wall, and when you're eating a messy gyro, napkins are a must. My other complaint is that though my falafel was good, it was not the stuffed jalapeño and cheese falafel I ordered. It was regular falafel, which as I said was good, but a little disappointing when I paid extra for the stuffed falafel. Over all though I love this place and will be back to try some pizza and those Happy Hour deals!

Madaca 99

Sorry, I thought it was pretty mediocre. Small gyro, fries were cold, Itty-bitty cup for a drink. The best thing was the cashier. Very upbeat and friendly. Looked like the bartender was doing a great job tending to her clients. Good staff meh food and portions.

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