World of Beer

2107 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 210-4481

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Lisa Zark

Great mimosas! Enjoyed brunch, will definitely go back to hang out for drinks. Awesome place for a date!

EEN 2002

Save yourself the food poisoning and long wait times!!! … I want to like this place so bad… But everytime i’ve been (around 6 or 7 times) its extremely disappointing. From terrible service, to rude door guys, not to mention every single time i have ate food here i’ve been extremely sick to my stomach after, throwing up and in pain. The only good thing about this place is $5 pitchers, but most of the time they water it down and make you wait at the bar for 20 minutes for a bartender to take your order… Unfortunately won’t be spending my money here again

Sean Duffy

Staff was very apologetic and nice, but I do not understand how they work at a place called World of Beer and know nothing about beer. After my 4th failed beer order (that they either could not find or were just to lazy to find) the bartender pointed to a spot on the menu she wanted me to order from. This section was their Draft beer... it includes beers that you can get literally anywhere. I love beer and love trying new beer, and World of Beer is definitely a place I will never go back to since I do like trying new beer from around the world. If you like your average, everyday domestic beer, World of Beer is for you. If you want to enjoy not so common beers or be around a staff that has more than half a brain, go anywhere but World of Beer.

Shelby Smith

1 star for the food. The past few times I have been here the food has been horrible, nothing like the menu description, or they’ve been out of something on the menu. The quality of the food isn’t worth what you pay. But if you’re only going for drinks and ambience then this is a good place for you.

Lacey Moses

went on valentines day for lunch, the server was excellent, sorry I forgot his name, the food was wonderful, I've always enjoyed every trip here, but it was extra cozy for this valentines and so delicious I just don't know that there are any bad choices on their menu and a large selection of beer pretty much anything you would like (im the odd one who doesn't drink beer but goes to world of beer :))

Ariannah Lambert

I absolutely love world of beer. Great selection of beer, food is always amazing and atmosphere is on point. The service is normally lacking though. We tend to wait a while to be served or our drinks stay empty. Occassionally we get awesome service. food makes it all worth it


excellent beer selection, only thing I wish they had was Guiness. very crowded on Friday nights, even going at 10pm.

Katie Hinder

I showed up an hour before closing with my friends afterwork, and wanted a quick bite and something to drink. We were told it was 10 minutes before last call. That was fine, we'll choose something quick and get more from somewhere else if we're still hungry. We were ignored long past the last call, and then the waiter proceeded to give an attitude after we told him, yes, we still wanted to order something. He never asked us what we wanted to drink, so my friend decided to go up to the bar and ask the bartender. The bartender ignored my friend despite there being no one up there, but when two guys approached the bar, she immediately started talking to them and gave them a menu. I'm not going to assume the reasons as to why she ignored my friend, but the overall experience left a bad taste in my mouth. We ended up getting our food to go and grabbing drinks somewhere else. My tacos ended up being fine, but the cauliflower was an assualt to the nose. I can't review the beers considering we never got to try it, and I won't be coming back.

Scott Pope

Nope to the food...either the "chef" has no clue what they're doing or they don't care what so ever. Definitely not a $60 meal. Our order....Truffle fries- just ok. Horseradish over poweringBrussel sprouts-Description says crispy but they were so drenched in balsamic that crispy was impossible and the crazy amount of balsamic made most of them inedibleBuild a burger- burger was burnt with a off putting burnt taste. Bun was tough and hard to even cut with a knifeMac n cheese- Hardly any soft cheesy mac. Was more topping and overcooked hard macSteak frites- steak was just ok. Barely seasoned. Broccoli was over cooked and mushy. Only redeeming item was the mashed potatoes...which I did not order in the first place. Was supposed to come with fries...frites means fries so not sure how that happened but at least the mash potatoes were good...

Madaca 99

Mixed review...there was an unexpected event (good for community service) so we sat at the bar. Started good considering it was pretty busy. We were just there to have a couple of cold ones to try taps we hadn't tried before. The band wasn't horrible and the atmosphere was fun. We had to call our bartender over even though we were obviously empty, no prob, she was obviously a lead directing others. But, after the event, and the place cleared, she got into a conversation with a patron and just flat ignored us...not good. So we flagged down a guy and got our closing order. He did a GREAT job! He made a perfect Black Velvet, so good, in fact, we pulled out an extra 4 bucks for a tip on a $6 drink. Unfortunately (for us), they share tips, so it went directly to the jar. But he was very appreciative and finished out our experience on a positive note and earned back ?? . Started at 3-4, dropped to 2 and finished at a 4. Good prices, nice atmosphere, great variety, mixed service.

Suzie Tinjxiwilejjipopgle

Fun atmosphere to hang out and watch the game. Loved the fact I could sample a beer before ordering a full size.

Andrew Stough

Busy college pub on the strip but PLENTY of seating inside and out....waitress was very attentive! Started with the beer flight and then went with my choice from that. Mushroom burger and tots, pretzel appetizer. Great burger, couldn't be happier. Priced around the $12 mark, apps were less than $10 a pop. Decent sized bar with plenty of TVs. Less than $100 for beers and 4 mixed drinks, 2 apps and 3 burgers. Not bad, will be back!

Aaron Key

Always a good place to grab a drink and even a bit e to eat. It’s world of beer so they are going to have anything you could want on tap, and flights are always a good call. Not a bad place to grab a bite as well.

Sandhiya thiagarajan

Excellent service. Despite the crowd the food was at the table faster than any other restaurants I have been. Everyone were polite. The food was amazing. We tried like 7 dishes as a group and everything was great. No complaints. Their choice of music inside was also excellent. On the whole it is a good place for good food, and to connect with people.

Jonathan Boatman

Great food and great beer selection. The bartender was very good at selecting beer for their flight. Will definitely be back!

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