723 E Parker Rd, Jonesboro
(870) 268-6868

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Lisa Macklin

Great shakes friendly staff good food

Jerry Spencer

Everything was perfect and delicious! Will be back.

Tony Sterling

When you look at a menu you just assume the least expensive of any item is the small size. Don't know that deceit was the purpose but the least expensive is not small it is snk so when you order small it is going to cost $0.20 more. If you suffer from less than perfect eyesight beware when you order here. Oh and they don't ask if you need sauce anymore.

Ali Smith

The Ciaras’ that work there were amazing!! They have wonderful customer service skills, very friendly, and had the best manners!!! Thank you both very very much!!!

Robert Adams

We got a Reuben combo and asked bread to be extra toasted. Sandwich and fries both cold and sour kraut didn't taste right. Also got a chicken gyro combo and chicken and fried also cold. Couldn't go in to exchange or ask for fresh food and fixed properly and drive through is a single lane and couldn't get back in line. $17 is not a price I wanna pay for cold food. Won't be back.

Chad Johnson

It very delicious and the staff was very helpful and nice very quick service

Ralph Adams

People working da day of my visit totaly messed up my order ,i mean messed it up,never had a probelm there before,they closed walk in so only drive thru,maybe they brought in people from another arbys n jonesboro to run it,that one really makes mistakes ,but usaly this is a good arbys

Kathryn Holloway

completely not satisfied. normally I dont have an issue but this time I got the SMALLEST RB classic I have ever got. I only order 1 thing every time. RB classic meal. ive tried calling the # listed and it just makes a buzzing noise like a fax line. no # on receipt either.

Eric Taylor

I had a coupon for a 1.99 appetizer that allows you to order up to 3 or 4 with the same coupon. The young lady working the drive-thru that day did nor do that after I cleary stated that at the speaker.

Dixie Chappelear

Arby's has always been my favorite when it comes to fast food.but today I was highly disappointed. First the sign sign said we now have crinkle cut fries so I ordered some and was told we don't have that kind do I ordered my normal a roast beef sandwich because they are my favorite I ask for lots of horsey sauce the girl repeated my order including the horsey sauce when I got to where I was going there was no horsey sauce but I'm not surprised since the girl seemed to be into talking with her co workers instead of the customer.i will never go to that Arby's against is at 723 Parker Rd. In Jonesboro Ar. The servers name was Stephanie

The Haskins Family Vlog

There was a really long line when we showed up. I was expecting a long wait time, but the line moved quickly! Our food was hot and fresh and our order is always right when we go to this location.

Ashley Stevens

Drive thru didn't move car in front of me drove off after 10 minutes of not being waited on. Then a for sure druggie with sores all over her face came to window to serve us . Horrible

Misty Lee

Love me some Arby's. Good service, good food, good location. Had the French Dip sandwich and some curly fries with cheddar cheese sauce. Yummy.?

Catalina Baby

UpdateArbys is not the same roast beefAnd the sandwiches todayHad pink meat uncookedNastyConsistently heat lamp foodGot a fish sandwich todayNasty soggy,Barely warm,Fish not cooked thru ,Not crispyYikes worst arbys everFairArbys meat dont taste the sameSadly,Sandwich was very small unheatedBreadOverpricedPoppers werent crispyVery sad

Dewayne Decker

Ok it's been a while sandwich good fries crinkle good drink good

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