Kickstand Kafe

719 N Humphreys St, Flagstaff
(928) 779-5393

Recent Reviews

Megan C.

As remote employees, this has been our go-to spot to work while they are doing construction near our house. The internet is fast and reliable, and the coffee is great! Overall, this is a great spot to get some work/studying done while sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee and eating a yummy baked good! I've tried cookies, breads, muffins, and scones and everything has been nothing short of delicious! Even better, a local baker supplies their baked goods, so I feel great about purchasing them. Definitely a great place to stop in and share a cup of coffee and tasty treat! Staff is friendly and helpful and I've yet to have a bad experience.

James J.

Great place for coffee and some eats and chatting with others or being by yourself. People that work there are very nice and pleasant to be around. Some of the prices are fair while others (e.g. breakfast sandwiches and some lattes) are a bit high. There's also a loud "door bell" ring throughout the entire cafe that spoils the ambiance every time a customers drives up. If prices were a little better for these items and there was no "door bell" ring, it'd get 5 stars.

A I Norman

Both our americano and the white chocolate rose latte were great, and it was the first time in more than a year that I’ve been able to get my coffee in a for-here cup, which makes a world of difference. Get the daily polenta to go with it. It’s spacious, comfortable, and well-socketed for working.

Gregg Walker

Great hot chocolate very delicious breakfast burrito!

Laura C.

What a cute coffee shop! I got the most delicious banana bread there. Great coffee. I was so glad to find this place while passing through Flagstaff on a road trip. Service was kind and professional! I highly recommend stopping by.

Michelle Z.

Drinks were good but we waited a ridiculous amount of time for 2 bagels. 25 minutes to be exact. Plan accordingly when visiting this place, especially if you are heading up the mountain and are trying to go up early

Amy Rodriguez

Great service with friendly workers. Nice looking interior/aesthetic. Very convenient with drive thru service and online ordering! Love the online ordering!!

Ranjit Bassi

The mixed hot chai latte was really good and so was the veggie breakfast burritos.

Chris Christopher

Renting ski gear and got a really good cup of Earl Gray tea. Thanks,

Keith Gopi Nagaruri

Great place. Try their burrito with the coffee. You wont regret it

Jenna Decker

Great coffee, and a great place to study!


I loved this place! Staff are very friendly. The bathroom is incredibly clean! I went randomly but we loved it!

Taylor Berthusen

Turkey panini with iced hazelnut Carmel coffee. Both good very expensive though

Kat D.

Need to really give this place its props. The coffee is always great and consistently great service. The drive thru is always speedy! I have never seen them without masks on which always makes me feel safe.

Nathaniel R.

Coffee here is fine and perfectly good/acceptable, but where this place stands out is the breakfast food. It's quick and delicious and served by nice people! I recommend The Spicy Classic breakfast sandwich as a good intro to the Kickstand (cult)ure! P.s. the english muffins here are so soft they bring a tear to my eye after the first bite, but hey I'm also not very emotionally stable ‍

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