Ammos Mediterranean Grill

6530 W Happy Valley Rd #114, Glendale
(623) 825-3500

Recent Reviews

Josh Zomok

An amazing restaurant with an amazing staff!!! Everyone there makes you feel like family! Love you guys!

Abhineet Kumar

Price was reasonable but food was average. Won’t go back


Miserable owner should not be front of house. Food was decent but there are other, friendlier options available in town.

Mark B.

My family loved everything we've ordered. The owner is a great guy and supports our military and first responders. I recommend this establishment to anyone that find themselves in the Glendale/Peoria AZ area.

Kyle Vogelsang

I tried this place for first time, even though it is so close to home. Very nice. We had the dinner combos, and a great value because they come with a side salad that is very big. The pita was soft and fresh. I like the proud American theme as greek immigrants, even offer military discounts, recognizing USA is a great country. I will return.

Kim G.

Very unhappy with the service on Friday. My mom ordered gyro wrap special and one chicken shawarma plate. Asked cook to please cook the gyro on grill because that's how we like it a bit more cooked and the owner laughs at her request. He insisted you don't want it like that. Made it very uncomfortable as as a customer and as a owner of our gyro restaurant in Chicago we know people ask for gyro to be cooked on grill little. Nothing wrong with that. So long story short, after all of that got all the way home and was missing the fries with gyro special and side salad with the chicken shawarma plate. Not very friendly or nice when it comes to customer hospitality. They don't care for you if you are not their people if you know what I mean. Such a shame. What a way to make business by laughing at your customers and making them feel comfortable in your restaurant. This is what you or your family might experience if you go here, good luck!

Samuel B.

Never been disrespected before by a business "Owner" We ordered a side salad and fries with our gyro combo. When we got home we did not receive a salad nor the fries. We called back to let them know, the owner said "he packed the food himself and he gave us everything." He also stated "maybe you dropped it!?" He continues to argue back and forth regarding the issue! I was in total shock they would not own up to their error. Wouldn't even say "I'm sorry, please come back and allow us to fix our error." Instead of fixing the issue, this owner will argue and let the customer know they are wrong. I realized after the fact, they were preparing 2 orders next to each other.They made an error and sent our items with another order. We understand nobody is perfect and people make mistakes. But who would lie about a small salad and fries? Own up to your mistake! I will never come back to this place. If the owner reads this, please learn to treat your customers with respect... or your business will go under.

Atul S.

We ordered home delivery from this place and that was our first try here. We overall liked the food. Huge quantity and flavorful meat with fresh fluffy rice. Not the best we ever had in the Mediterranean but a place where we can go again too. No complaint as such. The prices are very reasonable too and the menu has a lot of variety to choose from. I would recommend this place.

Tina D.

Back in high school I used to come here as much as I could go grab a gyro for lunch. Always so good, and the employees have always been so welcoming and friendly. I haven't had it in a while since I moved, but I was in the area yesterday so I ordered it on Uber Eats. and omg, it was just as good as I remember. Their gyro pita's are seriously so delicious. The only thing that could possibly make them better is if there were pickles in them (but i'm just a pickle lover). Very glad to know they're still just as delicious as they used to be!

Steve M.

Good value large amount of protein authentic owner is watching over food going out good job!!

Melissa Green Hawkins

the food was awesome. we'll be back.

Lana Vati

The owner here is so nice he doesn't rip off his employees or customers and then spread lies about them. He's also not a cheap jerk.The food here is so good too.

Leah Hodge

The food was delicious, quickly served, and fresh! Portions are generous, and service was great. This is the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever had and I highly recommend it.I would like to see a little more attention paid to cleanliness of sticky bathroom doors, and light switches, which just need to be de-gunked. As much as that bothers me, I have zero complaints about the food or service!

Wesley Williams

I stop by often for lunch. The food always tastes great. Clean place to enjoy a meal.

Chuck Hyde

Authentic Greek Cuisine. Friendly staff and delicious food.

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