The Music Cafe

5102 W Northern Ave, Glendale
(623) 328-5890

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Martines

I loved this place! Great sound and friendly atmosphere.

Georgia Esposito

They have good coffee, comfortable atmosphere, Prices are very affordable

Holly “Holly E.” Enk

Finally got to visit this place. Currently only open 3 days a week for about 3 hours each of those days. Or was smaller inside than I expected and was expecting more lounge type seating with it being a coffee house with live music. We just had coffees and teas stop can't comment on any food they offer. Drinks were all good other than the green tea as it mainly tasted like water but that's always a risk with green tea. They seem to have some house musicians and people can sign up to do sets of 3 songs. Was kind of hard to talk at all as the music is loud and it is a compact space. Was interested and hope to see some expansion of times and offerings as things are getting more back to normal.

Juan Pacheco

The drink was okay. I ordered a large drink but the size was way smaller than expected. In addition, the drink was relatively more expensive than other coffee shops, even more expensive than Starbucks. The cost of the drink was the main factor that I gave it 3 stars.

Holly Enk

I have tried to visit multiple times but they never seen to be open even during posted temporary hours. No one ever answers the phone and there is no message just an answering machine. Did they close down??

Heather Adams

Beautiful venue, kind staff, great drinks. Went for an open mic night. It was a full cross and the music wasn't awesome but it was still a nice experience.

K Mariani (lotuspetal30)

This place was great! The service was EXCELLENT! And the drinks were perfectly made too. I only wish I could have gone to the Tuesday or weekend live music nights. Hopefully next time I'm in town.

K Mariani

This place was great! The service was EXCELLENT! And the drinks were perfectly made too. I only wish I could have gone to the Tuesday or weekend live music nights. Hopefully next time I'm in town.


paid $30 for 2 dry tiny & bland sandwiches and a waffle. the flavor of the waffle was ok but it didn't come with syrup so it was pretty dry too. coffee was ok but service was not very friendly. definitely one of the bigger misses I've had here in Phoenix.

Jacki Monnat

Ordered our coffee sat down. The lady brought it to us and told us we had to leave because she had to go to work. Very rude!! I wouldn't give it any stars if it let me.

Thomas Nations

Take out only except tuesday and Saturdays. How will you recover if you dont open? Smart choice.

Maria Bright

Not understanding why the door is locked with open sign saying takeout only with a number to call for ordering when they have been open the entire pandemic and now they are doing that. Doesn't make sense to me. Was pretty disappointed.

Shanece D.

Why you guys stop selling ice cream here? that's not fair and everything else looks good here including the musicians band that comes out and do performance here in the evening and sometimes in the night.

rita m

I’m not the type to write a review, but I was so shocked by the customer service I received. First off, my friends and I walked up to find the door was locked. The sign said they were open. My friend tried to call the shop to see if anyone was there. A couple seconds later we were greeted with the door being flung open and silence as the employee walked back to the counter. We legit walked in admiring the cute murals and looking over the menu as the guy stayed very very silent. I asked a question regarding the menu and he responded by pointing and looking away. Then I asked another one that I hoped would lead to a conversation about the menu, but instead I received a head nod and that was it.Yeah, just for future advice, don’t open the back door and start vaping in front of customers. Maybe he had a bad day, we get it everyone has those, but we felt very uncomfortable about the entire situation.

Alex Denish

Worst service I’ve ever had. The two male employees in there were arguing when I got in there and the guy taking our order was really rude and short with me. Also the guy has zero patience as he snapped at me when I told him how many shots I wanted. Needless to say I just left and will not be returning. I wish I could give this place zero stars

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