PHO KC Vietnamese Restaurant

18555 N 59th Ave #130, Glendale
(602) 993-0072

Recent Reviews

Jared F.

I'm a big fan of this place. I'm sure there are all kinds of items on the menu that I need to try but there are two that stand out to me that I keep going back for. The short rib pho is unctuous beefy comfort food like pot roast meets pho. The sour and spicy soup that is a special but always available with ramen noodles, all kinds of veggies and chicken beef and shrimp is fantastic and unique. I think about that soup a lot. You can ask them not to make it too spicy but if you like spicy food you will be so happy with it as is.

Janelle J.

We love this restaurant! This is our go-to place for pho or any Vietnamese food. Get the pho or get try anything else on the menu. I have yet to be disappointed. They have my favorite calamari! If you aren't sure what to get, ask your waitress/owner. She personally knows about all the items on the menu and will help you get something you enjoy. She's friendly and has an amazing memory. She always greats us like we're her friends and if you catch her at a time when she's slower, she is quite interesting.

Sam B.

This was my first time trying Vietnamese food and it was delicious! I wanted to try something new and this restaurant was conveniently close to my house. I loved it! The employees were very friendly and held high knowledge on the menu. The place was clean and I was a fan of the decor, awesome prices as well! Nothing compared to the flavors of their food, holy moly, wow! I will definitely be coming back soon.

Tena V.

Went for an early dinner yesterday for the first time. Delicious! Had vegetable pho and it was so fresh and flavorful. Clean and comfortable. Excellent, fast, friendly service. Highly recommend.


Had the grilled chicken Bun. It was excellent. All food I have had here has been very good

Wayne Conrad

We have trouble ordering from here because everything we have ever had is delicious to the point of being ridiculous. It's so hard to have a favorite dish. The food is authentic, prepared from scratch, flavorful, and fresh. We are from Seattle and never expected the best pho we have ever had to be in Arizona.

Christina B.

I had an iced coffee and a bon bo hue. It was really good, the spice level was just right for me. The meats were perfect, tender and juicy. The broth is really flavorful.

Ryan K.

Had the deep fried cornish hen with fried rice. It was very good. The fried rice was ok. I also give the thai tea a high rating. This is one of the few places I found in the area with a delicious real brewed thai tea. Other places that I've tried were lacking in terms of not having a strong tea flavor or they tend to use powder mixes which I'm not a fan of.

Syvan D.

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! The owners were lovely and so kind and the food was beyond tasty. We got their special sweet and spicy ramen noodle soup that was so flavorful and delicious and a veg Pho. Definitely check this place out!

Sue G.

We enjoyed this place so much the first time that we went back again the next day. My favorite is the vegetable Pho with Vietnamese ice coffee and shrimp spring rolls as appetizer. Perfect lunch and left overs for dinner! I intend to return again!

Robin D.

I do not recommend. I got the chicken vermicelli and the dressing for it was nothing but sugar and water. If they can't make the basics of Vietnamese food I'd hate to see what the rest of their food tastes like. It's like going to a Mexican restaurant where the chips and salsa aren't good.


We finish everything here. Nothing is bad. Great service. Fast and quick and always good. Prices went up due to pandemic but still reasonable. My go to.

Rita Payton

Simply but delicious. Vermicelli bowl included lemon grass and deep fried shallots along with an awesome spicy dressing. ❤

Shaun Valentine

Had the spring rolls and chicken Phô. Both were bomb. Of course I had to spice my Phô up a little. I was so stuffed I couldn't finish the last bit of the broth. I'll definitely be back with a bigger appetite. Sadly, no beer to quench my thirst.

Martin A.

Best customer service I've received in a LONG time! I definitely coming back again! Food was amazing, staff works hard & this place is beautiful. Very clean, & very homey. Thank you so much Kim for your amazing hospitality!

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