Bonchon Tempe

780 W Elliot Rd Suite 101, Tempe
(480) 361-9282

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Matt S.

First time here and last time. I ordered the lunch special wings. Not only didn't they have the drums, but the wings were the driest, hardest wings I've ever eaten. I'm so sick of sub par food. I could barely get what little meat there was off the bone.

Anirudh L.

Amazing food. Total hidden gem which is a flavor bomb.

Katherine Zeman

I took my friends with me to Bonchon for their first time tasting Korean Cooking. They LOVED IT.This is honestly one of my top 3 favorite places to eat at.Their food is healthy, tasty, and the portions are perfect.

Seana S.

Came here for the Udon noodle soup. Noodles were great, portion size was good. The soup was good too, but it had a seafood'ish flavor to it, not really overpowering, but that's the only thing that made me take a star off the review. Also, expensive. $10. But it was very filling at 500 calories.

Anabel H.

This is definitely a hidden gem! I came in to try it out since I was told multiple times it was a must. I ordered a small combo (wings and drums) my sauce choices were soy garlic and spicy. Spicy ones are very spicy by the way but I definitely recommend that flavor if you can handle it. I also wanted to try the seasoned fries which were very good as well. Everything tasted so good that I will definitely be back to try some of their other dishes. They also have a great selection on their lunch specials Monday to Friday 11:00AM - 2:30PM Their chicken is made to order to maintain taste and quality, please allow up to 30 minutes for cooking time. Please be patient It is definitely worth it! Also everyone was very nice and I was greeted with a big smile!

Christy G.

I love Korean food ! I have been to different Korean places, this one caught my attention because how nice it was , others that I been to are cozy family owned business and I wanted to try something different. I ordered the bulgolgi plate with white rice let me tell you it was plain no flavor . I was upset because it's a $16.95 so I was expecting a great taste great flavor maybe some great sides to add but I didn't like it I ate it all because I wanted to make it worth the $16.95 I didn't want to throw it away . My daughter and wife ordered bulgolgo fried rice and that had flavor they liked it that one was $12.95 . But anyways this is my honest review hopefully it's useful .

Eulamae T.

Soooooooo sooooooo delicious!! Definitely a 10/10 would recommend the spicy fried chicken

John Z.

Bonchon is FANTASTIC and I have been craving it ever since I had it for the first time 2 weeks ago!! I had the spicy Gyoza as an appetizer and it had the perfect mix of flavor and bite. It was filling and full of flavor as I was eating it - soooo satisfying - and afterward I had that lingering hit of the spice that made my endorphins rush. For the entree I had the spicy chicken 3-pack of tacos, which were outstanding. The slaw on the tacos were a great counterpoint to the spicy chicken. So tasty!! Lastly I got some popcorn shrimp for my kids; the shrimp were OK and the kids liked it (the dipping sauce was great), but the shrimp themselves (to me) was just Ok. I am writing this as I await the delivery from this restaurant because I had been craving it so much and I am excited and anticipating getting this fabulous meal all over again. GO TO BONCHON!!!

Cheryl J

I got the beef bibimbap to go. Its just not worth the money as it was pretty esxpensive (13$), it was decent at best but was incredibly disappointing, it tastes nothing like bibimbap, and the gochujang comes in a pouch. Seriously??? Service was friendly at least, but i wish their bibimbap was more authentic. Wings are good though

jamar adams

First time customer! the staff was awesome, extremely friendly and engaging! the professionalism yet personal approach was beyond refreshing I felt like we where friends from back in the day!the restaurant was very clean and modern. nothing out of place with just the right amount of decorum to keep the brain active and focused!I was getting my order to go which made the drive home almost unbearable, the smell took me back to Korea ??!wish I was able to exhibit some level of self control when I got home because it would've been nice to snap a few pictures of the incredibly delicious food and it's wonderful presentation!my return is imminent!

M. W.

Had the dumplings and Japchae. The dumplings were a little tough (wrapper) as it was dry. The garlic sauce was delicious but not enough for me to try again. Wish there was an option on the app to not have any sauce...choices were Spicy, Soy-Garlic or half & half. The Japchae had good flavor too. They were a little too oily for my taste. Maybe the their Korean Fried Chicken (specialty) would have been more memorable.

Carrie S.

LOVED the fried chicken with the sweet chili sauce on it. Sooo yummy. The Bull Dak was also really good loved the rice cakes in it wish there were more in it because they were so good. Making my mouth water again just thinking about this. Japchea was also delicious. I'm not a fan of mushrooms but easily get around them. Everything we ordered was delicious and looking forward to my next visit.

Robert Harris

Saw this place on YouTube as a top 5 chick wing chain…..did not disappoint! We did the half and half strips, the soy garlic were great and the spicy had the perfect amount of heat. Worth the 45 minute drive.

Ryan Chow

Service was quick and friendly! The chicken was delicious, highly recommend. Price for the chicken is the only thing I'd cite as a potential issue for some, but I'll be going back for sure.

Amanda C.

For takeout, the fried chicken was still incredibly crispy! Coming from CA I was a bit hesitant trying Bonchon here but everything tasted just as great. We got the soy garlic and sweet chili, but they both tasted a bit similar. I like both dry rub chicken and chicken with sauce, so next time I think I'd get half sweet chili and half original. Tteokbokki was also yummy but a little too spicy for myself but perfect for my husband's taste!

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