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Franchesca Gonzales

Named 2021 Best of Scottsdale Award. Check out the press release photo to see how we were rated.

Lettydavis820 ..

My 23yr old son and I stopped by Fuel to Fit today for the first time ever. We met with Franchesca Gonzales, the owner. She was incredibly kind, and very accommodating . My son loves to work-out and he's a healthy-food fanatic, and this place was simply perfect for him as if it is for myself :) We bought two amazing chicken salads with broccoli and blueberries. I can eat this every single day! This place also has tasty pet-food! The place seems super clean, fresh and its beautiful! It was great walking into this beautiful place specially under 118 degree weather ! I highly recommend this super cool, healthy and fresh place!

Chris H.

I hate to write this review, but the previous reviews about the owner, Francesca's, rude, condescending, and abrasive behavior are 100% true. I just started with this service a couple weeks ago, and it's a shame because the food is delicious and good quality, and I try to first support locally owned, small businesses. Whenever I've had questions or concerns, I've received nothing but curt and rude responses from her, despite being a brand new customer who was having difficulty navigating the website and the portal. If you care about your business and want it to grow, I would strongly suggest someone else handle public relations and communications, as that is clearly not your strong suit. As a result of the exceptionally poor customer service, I've cancelled my subscription today. I'd rather go back to the prep service I've used for the last two years, whose customer service was great, even if the food is not quite as tasty, then be treated poorly. UPDATE: I find Francesca's response very interesting. I have given NINE 5 star reviews on Yelp. This is the FIRST and ONLY 1 star review I've ever given. It takes A LOT, (in her case, her unbelievably rude behaviour) for me to take time out of my very busy life to write a poor review. Hell, I always still tip wait staff 20% minimum, even when the service isn't good, because I used to wait tables myself and know people can have bad days, and sometimes things happen out of your control, etc, and I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I wish I could type, verbatim, the emails I sent to her, and those that I received back, so people could read my concerns and her responses, but unfortunately they have a character limit on reviews. I find it interesting that she claims to have cancelled my subscription early this morning, when I just went into their portal online and cancelled it myself around noon, and prior to sending her an email advising her that I had cancelled my subscription due to her rude responses, and prior to publishing this poor yelp review. I had exceptional and friendly communication with the other meal prep service, and their website was easy to navigate, and if I had any difficulty or problems or questions (which frankly was very rare), they were responsive and helpful, and always were open to, and appreciative of any feedback I gave them, because they wanted to improve and grow their business, fix any problems, and have satisfied customers. This is clearly not the case with Francesca, since I am not the first and only one to critique her communication skills thusly. Judge for yourself, folks.

Robert P.

The Owner is very rude and has a problem. Shes not a people person and seems very much on edge. I off this alone will probably not go back to this place.

Tyler Schaeffer

Me and wife stopped by to try it. Ended up orders weeks worth of meal prep. Bryan and hector are very knowledgeable and took really good care of us. Will be back good quality food.

Heather L.

UPDATE: After calling Francesca she told me that she refunded my order and that it takes whatever about of time to return based on my bank.  Almost a week went by so I followed up via telephone, email and a social media message for status and proof of the refund so that I can look into it with my bank because I had not received it yet.  Never a response still to this day and she blocked me on Instagram. I was a first time customer who didn't know how the system worked and trying to support a small business.  She BLOCKED all because I was following up on a refund that she told me she issued which wasn't true!  Just horrible customer service and I'm very disappointed.

Jessica Denker

My husband and I use fuel to fit every week. We have been using their meal prep service for almost a year now. There is a wide variety of meals to choose from and they are all really delicious and healthy! It is the perfect service for anyone who wants to eat healthy and doesn’t have the time to prep for themselves.

Craig Fossey

We really like the convenience, value, healthy choices, and tastiness of Fuel To Fit! Been using Fuel to Fit for 2-3 years now, typically 2 meals per week for both of us. Delivered to our front door...nice!!

Michelle Marion

I can’t say enough about how Fuel to Fit has changed my life! I would research new recipes, get my grocery list together, then go shopping, to spend HOURS meal prepping every Sunday for the following week. I was so burnt out that I decided to look into ordering from a meal prep company. I literally tried 9 different meal prep companies in the valley. Some were good but extremely overpriced, others were so terrible I wouldn’t even give the food to my dog! I was quickly realizing that I would have to meal prep every Sunday forever! Then I found Fuel to Fit about a year ago! Such a blessing! The food is OUTSTANDING, and the price is AMAZING. The food has so much flavor and every week there’s a rotating variety of meals so I don’t get burnt out! I order the 8 meal pack for less than $70 a week and it gets delivered to my door every Monday! What??!!! I’m on a strict meal plan since I’ve hired a nutritionist and the regular size meals help me hit my targets within 5g every day. The 8 meals give me lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. I only have to cook 6 meals which still offers me more variety and flexibility with my family. Fuel to Fit has given me my time back and I am forever grateful to them ❤️

Lisa Girten

I am so happy to find Fuel to Fit. I am a busy mom of 2 who works in Healthcare. I need healthy, delicious meals delivered to me to help me keep on track with my nutrition. These meals are delicious and fit my macros perfectly. I love that they rotate meals each week. Other meal preps I have tried in the past are the same stagnant meals every week and it gets old fast. F2F allows me to spend the weekends with my family, rather than in the kitchen prepping meals for the week. The food is yummy, great quality, and nutritious.

Simone Bayfield

With fuel to fit, you definitely get your money's worth! The food is delicious and really affordable. The menu options are always changing so you never get bored and everything is made fresh. The retail store has amazing snacks and things to accommodate a healthy lifestyle. I have tried other meal prep services before and Fuel to Fit blows them all out of the water. Also as a grad student Fuel to Fit helps me stay healthy, doesn't break the bank, and reduces time spent grocery shopping/cooking. Don't know if I'll ever go back to cooking again.

Meagan Tycz

I have been ordering food from Fuel to Fit for about 6 months now and I love it! The food tastes amazing! There is so much variety, you never get tired of the food. There are also many customizable options for anyone with a specific diet. Life is busy and eating healthy is hard. Using fuel to fit has made it so easy for me to stay on track with my meals and my heath and fitness goals.

Tech Tutor

This meal service has been a life saver. The price is very reasonable and not much more than if you bought the food yourself, but that would require time to prepare and cook. There were some meals that we got a little tired of, but recently some different meals were thrown into the mix and this has been a key factor for continuing the meal plan.

Mandy Blackwood

Fuel to Fit is my favorite meal prep service. Flexible delivery or pick up options, food is healthy/balanced, quality is great, and pricing is reasonable. I highly recommend.

B J.

Meals made fresh available for pick up or delivery to the outlined area on the map on the website. I found the ordering process easy. The staff is always very nice to me when i pick up and the store has drinks that i purchase during pickup as well. I get my meals weekly from here now and no longer battle with the grocery store and preparing meals at home. The owner is very nice and understanding when i ask questions and explains the process when i order and make a mistake like i wanted pick up for Monday and for whatever reason i chose Wednesday, not a big deal to me cause i don't really care as long as i get them but she explained to me how to change the order date on the website. I order the recurring order and even save some money as well as earn points that i can use to reduce the cost of my future meals. Thanks for the great meals and service!

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