Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

1615 W Elliot Rd, Tempe
(480) 940-1390

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Bridget PZ

Yummy chicken, sweet employees, and tasty red beans and rice!! A very nice facility with great food and nice employees, would definitely recommend!!!

Hugh Smith

Very disappointed tonight. The order was incorrect and no receipt to compare. I asked for sauce and the attitude was very rude and dismissive. The thing that made me throw the food away was the chicken had teeth marks where it appeared someone took a bite out of it. We have had issues before and taken food back but gave them another chance. No more, hope no one else has issues like us.

David Griego

One of my guilty pleasure it always has the same good taste

Louisa Diaz

My coworker and I are unpleased with today's service and food. We went to drive thru. Ordered chicken nuggets and 2pc combo. We arrived to window to pay. Then, we were told to wait out front for 5 minutes for nuggets to be done. Drove to front, waited at least 10 minutes in parking lot but no one came outside. My coworker and I ended up walking inside to see our food sitting on counter. The nuggets were not cooked completely and we ended up throwing them away. $15 down the drain. Also, please increase the volume on intercom. Hard to hear a whispering voice on a busy street.

brandon ewing

Love their Spicy chicken, coleslaw and red beans & rice. Dinning room was closed, drive-thru only.

Shonda Lampkins

My entire order was incorrect, they should have compared what the GH driver had vs what was in the bag. They also don't answer the phone when you call

Isaac Acosta

This used to be my favorite Popeyes location. Recently the service has significantly decreased. Everything has opened up and they remain drive thru only and you can't make multiple orders if you want to eat with co workers.My last 3 visits have had either cold food, missing items or long wait in the drive thru. Last week they forgot I was at the window the lady in the drive thru left to the dinning area and still had my debit card plugged in the machine. I waited 9 minutes.I understand people can have an off day but it's been consistently bad service for the last 3 weeks. They're employees definitely do not sound happy to be there.

Lei G.

Ordered DoorDash for dinner. Don't eat a lot fried food but I was happy to break the rule for Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Classic chicken sandwich, Red Beans and Rice & mashed potatoes- everything was delicious!! Crispy, tasty and juicy chicken. Both sides had a spicy kick. And the chocolate beignets were adorable & delicious! Definitely recommend for your next fast food fix!

Josue G.

This place is below one star they are negative 5 stars! I love Popeyes but this location is definitely not on my Popeyes list. The issue I had is they don't know how to properly make the food on their menu. Don't waste your time and money here. I went back to get it fixed and they still messed up

Mike “M0N5T3RH17M4N” Wright

Every other time that i have been here has been nice and easy, this time i ordered 2 chicken sanwiches and 1 was a combo. I only received the combo almost didnt get my drink. Didnt receive a receipt and no one is answering phones. Paid $13 for one combo? That was $9 yesterday? Really?

Omri M.

We frequent this Popeye since our church meets right across the street. I've never wanted to write a review until now because the woman working the window today was so good! She was efficient, polite, and generous (especially with the sauces). If every Popeye's worker was that good, it would be a different restaurant, I bet.

Ellie Franco

Hours might be wrong- everytime I go its closed by 10PM. Food could be hit or miss at this location. Also, they forget items all the time. And when you go back to say something they get defensive. Safe your receipt! It will help because they get busy. Its a busy location and they might be understaffed so you can't get too mad.

Richard S.

Ate here when it first opened and was impressed. It steadily declined and now seems to have fallen off the ledge. "Honey I Shrunk the Chicken" seems to be the movie that fits here...along with the dark crust that shows the old oil being used. I keep hoping it changes for the better but...no. Over $8 for micro chicken, soggy fries and a pile of honey packets to try to fill up the box because the chicken can't...Done with it!


Horrible customer service and experience. The supervisor was only concerned about drive thru time. I even asked for a receipt to complain properly but they did not give me one and charged me for items I did not receive

Raul Lucio

Aileth gives excellent customer service!! Sweetest young lady I have come across at this location

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