Word Of Mouth Grill

7660 S McClintock Dr, Tempe
(480) 621-6247

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Jazz Maree

Fresh, flavorful meat AND sides which sometimes doesn't match for me at other restaurants. Glad I found a great meal on break in between work. Definitely will be returning with my family!

Ryan S.

I was nearby and too lazy to cook at 6:45 on a Friday. Honestly I left bouncing between a 3 or 4 star. So let's get to it. Walk thru the door and it has great decor and a lot of space for such a small establishment. I was greeted immediate. I do believe the a/c may be broken because it was definitely warm inside and all they had was a little swamp cooler that did nothing (felt better then outside tho!) Decided on pulled pork with no bun and fries. Fries looked n tasted like the shoestring Oreida's you can get next door at Safeway. Which is fine, I love those actually, BUT there was zero flavor to them. Barely any salt, no sprinkle of garlic, just no attempt to liven them up a little. Onto the pulled pork and Carolina BBQ Sauce.....dry, the pork lacked flavor and was overall a bit more mushy then I'm used to/prefer, only had one little bite of bark(this happens when you're serving all day to people) the sauce alone and on the meat was also just lacking in flavor. The more I ate, the more I just tasted nothing really. Overall, the staff is super friendly, prices are extremely reasonable, and they have a number of other options on the menu. Would I come back? YES, if I'm nearby and hungry, I'd scroll down the list and pick something else n see how that goes. I'm not saying the food is cooked or prepped poorly, just my personal experience and opinion is that it needs a bit more seasoning which will bring a bit more flavor to each bite :)

Erica C.

That would be correct, I didn't order any meat. The friend I was with ordered the brisket and she shared hers with me because she couldn't eat all of it. So dont you dare accuse me of being dishonest. I would never intentionally lie about a review. I'm not that type of person. Your attitude and comment is just even more reason for me to not eat at your restaurant, therefore I'm changing my stars to one and I'd give zero if I could. I share plates with friends all the time.

Wayne Wilson

Never got a chance to try anything from their menu because as soon as we walked in they refused to allow my wife's service dog to be inside the dining area! The woman taking orders said it was because of the health department, which she called. The woman at the health department evidently is not aware of federal law regarding service animals either!! The owner came out front to tell us he can refuse service to anyone he wants. I showed them printed copies of how they are allowed and required to treat people with disabilities and their service animals. Though not required, my wife showed them her service dog's identification card, which was mentioned to the health department woman...she said it was fake because there is no such thing...unbelievable!!! I must mention that the woman taking orders was respectful and willing to listen but had to deal with her incredibly rude, disrespectful boss/owner.

Christopher Hendricks

Went here and had the brisket. It was very tender and flavorful. I definitely will make a return visit here soon. Also try the Mac and cheese.

Brenda Gowey

Our family went here for the first time today. The food was delicious and worth the wait. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and helpful. We got the family meal so we could all try everything which was fun! Loved the tender brisket, trying the sauces, mac 'n cheese was made with cellentani, my favorite pasta, and the triple berry fruit tart was beautiful and so good! We would definitely eat there again!

Rachel Erickson

Delicious BBQ! We split a family meal between five adults and some extra sides and the portions were great. The brisket was so tender and flavorful. The shredded chicken was delicious as well. We tried Carolina BBQ, honey BBQ, and Alabama White and all were amazing. Mac n cheese was delicious and we loved the cellentani noodles - much better than regular macaroni. The coleslaw wasn't too sweet and had a different kind of dressing that made it stand out. We had to try the fruit tart for $4 and it was amazing. Not too sweet and the berries had great flavor, the crust was dense but flakey kind of like a danish. Such a great local spot!

Amy F.

So thankful my Target store chose to have Word of Mouth cater our lunch today in honor of Juneteenth. I chose the pulled pork sandwich. The spicy sauce was the perfect amount of heat and sweet to accompany the Smokey pulled pork. They also offered a Turkey and Chicken option and I heard nothing but yummmm during my lunch hour. My only regret is my hubby didn't get to enjoy it too. Guess that means I'll need to take him there for lunch sometime soon.

Roze R.

Word of Mouth is a serious smoke house style BBQ. They have a wide variety of BBQ sauces but this place cooks the meat perfectly and you forget to sauce it up. I highly recommend the pulled pork. It will surprise you with the seasoning. I don't want to ruin it so I will leave it at that. If you are a fan of BBQ you have to try this place. Right now it is my favorite place and I have tried quite a few in the Phoenix area.

Vanessa M.

I really wanted to love this place but the food is just decent. The establishment is super clean and everyone is nice. The food: brisket sandwich with jalapeño on the side and I tried four sauces. The brisket had an equal amount of fat and meat. I didn't like that. However, it was tender and the sauces were great. Mac N Cheese: 6/10 this ain't it. Some of the noodles were over cooked. The cheese was bland. I would try it again but without the Mac.

Jeffre R.

Got the brisket, a hot link, and some fries. Was absolutely delicious. 5/5 great food, great service! Definitely recommend

Ibrahim Sarraj

The brisket.. The Mac n cheese.. Chili.. My mouth is watering just writing this review and remembering their food. Wasn't a huge fan of the hot links, though. Go big on the brisket!

Jenny Bassill

Absolutely love Word of Mouth Grill! This is a family owned business that truly cares about their customers. They pour their heart and souls into their food and the quality matters to them. They are so friendly and always make sure our experience is amazing.

Robert J.

Picked up a pulled pork sandwich, beans and potato salad for my Mom. Everything was very good, place was spotless. Would go back for sure.

Marty H.

Ordered from word of mouth when we first moved to Tempe. I ordered the brisket which was good but not very hot. My wife wanted ribs and they had to check to see if they had them. They did and prepared our order. When we got it home, 5 minutes away, the order was ice cold. The ribs were obviously microwaved. This is not fresh bbq in anyway

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