Los Betos

4470 N 1st Ave, Tucson
(520) 887-5528

Recent Reviews

Pascal chance

If you're thre you should try the California burritoBest in Tucson

Edward L

Fairly quick pedestrian Mexican food. All the typical items slopped into a container on top of and/or up against beans and rice. Their flavors are not well-developed (very one note). Again, low end food for when you want quick Mexican food that still maintains a Mexican identity (unlike the garbage ameri-mex at Taco Bell). If you want the same items, but more rounded flavors, try El Potosino.

Brian Moore

Delicious as always, tried a new green chile breakfast burrito and it was amazing!

Jennifer Granados

Ok this location is legit my go-to when I'm craving a breakfast burrito.. they're the BEST and they are also super nice!?

Michael Scully

These restaurants have fallen far from what they use to be. Its okay food. The service is usually kind of rude. I get better treatment when I order in Spanish. Sadly. I eat here when its ine of the few options open.

Frances Noriega

The staff there its very kind and helpful from cashier to cook all them guys are very friendly i been there before throug drive thru but definetly the atmosphere inside invites you to stay so i am going back

Jesus Tapia

Food was really nasty tasted like old burnt oil, both the shrimp burrito and the rolled tacos. Sorry that was the only betos we liked,drove all the way from the south to be disappointed


I left 4 stars bcs when its good its good but unfortunately its not consistent. I love their carnitas, its crispy on the outside and juicy and flavorful on the inside but today i ordered the carnitas burrito and it tasted completely different. Almost like turkey. It tasted like shredded turkey from a crock-pot. So I dont know if they cooked it differently or used an entirely different meat but either way id suggest a menu item be prepared the same consistently Service is good and Ive been going to los betos since the 90's but i longer order carne Yasuda as i used to bcs their steak is literally the chewiest so thats how I discovered the carnitas which is usually really good, aside from today which I didnt like at all. I dont want a turkey (tasting) burrito ever!. Its usually really good. Their breakfast burritos are also really good as They somehow keep the bacon crispy within the burrito.

Derrick Dancy

Carne Asada burrito and chicken tacos.

Chris Akins

Everything was the same as any other location except my sonoran dog looked more like a bacon wrapped beef jerky log. Dry and shriveled. Not ordering that again.

Alex B

Mediocre Mexican food at best, probably better at 2am after the bar

Emily Mo

Terrible food. Inedible rolled tacos. They were so hard I couldn’t bite them. Cheese didn’t taste like cheese. Brought this food home for Easter. Could barely eat it. Called after Easter and manager said he wouldn’t do anything about it. The beef was gray. Disgusting.


Ordered a Carne Asada burrito. Meat tasted rotten and the burrito was cold. Called to let manager know. Although he offered a refund or something else. I already fed it to the dogs. Why would I want food from there if the meat was rotten??? Yeah no thanks!

Rose Marie Kieltuski

Only fast food Mexican place it has a green corn tamales great.

vanessa garcia

Love there soups, the server was awesome !

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