Sausage Shop Meat Market And Deli

1015 W Prince Rd #141, Tucson
(520) 888-1701

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Alex Merritt

I've been going to this place since 1996. When even I get into town. This is a place I visit n take family n friends too

James Harrison

Best Meats and fantastic customer service. Get some bones for your dogs too!!!

Erica Rowland

Best sandwiches ever. I crave the Spanky. It's a small shop and does get busy. They have a great system and are super friendly.

Anne D

I’ve never had a dry pulled pork sandwich before, but there it is. However, it’s a good portion for the price. The ladies working there were very friendly with the two men ahead of me, but they were not friendly towards me at all. Customer service completely went out the window when it was my turn to order. It was very weird how their demeanor completely changed. No smiles, a terse, robotic hello, and that’s it. I don’t think they like serving people of a different skin color than them.

Trevor Hall

Love this place! The meat and sandwiches are always fresh, over flowing with meat and cheese and with made with quality ingredients. The staff is awesome! Anyone that says otherwise was rude to them or didnt pay attention to their no cell phones request. They treat people accordingly to how they are treated and wont put up with peoples BS. We need more business's that stand up for themselves like this!

W Good

Worst steaks I’ve ever had, could not chew through the meat. Paid $54 for two t- bones, wouldn’t feed them to my dogs. Also, the owner has a horrible attitude.

Sean Larson

Wife just loves this place, if it's ordering here sandwich here an or getting her meats ECT the ppl are great and it's always clean

Darlene Paul

Their sandwiches are huge and delicious.They have a wonderful variety of sausages and meats. A great place to go.

Anne K.

The best sandwiches! Just happened on this place, we were at the shoe repair across Prince & looking for a new place for lunch. It's out of the way for us, but worth the trip! Of course if we're there we also have to buy some sausage and their giant hamburger patties. SO GOOD :)

Michael Lopez

Definitely try it if you haven't yet. The Beefsticks are delicious too.

Tom M.

This is one of those places that I have been wanting to visit for a long time. I finally had business on that side of town at lunch time. It's a full deli with dozens of sandwich choices on the wall. They make hot and cold sandwiches. I had the Heater with spicy meats and pepper jack. It has chipotle mayo and hot mustard and I asked for the jalapeno roll. It was delicious with a nice level of spice. The staff is friendly and efficient.


Great sandwiches. However it is overshadowed by rude condescending attitude from the girl taking the order. I called my boyfriend to see what bread he wanted and she just pointed at sign. It said “no cell phones.” Coupled with the look I got and the fact that I was the only one in the deli. I felt as though the food isn’t worth the atmosphere. Good luck if you decide to go there. This was my second visit and both were the same. Rude. Can you say zero stars?

Andrew Smith

Amazing and affordable sandwiches. Been coming here for years while heading into Tucson. Once you walk in, you are instantly hungry. They have also always been friendly. Love the horseradish pickles. Buy a side and put them on your sandwich.

Sage Carter

I love the atmosphere, a friend and I are lunch. Sandwiches are phenomenal. Beef jerky is my favorite above all. Fresh AF.

Matt N.

I'm I'm love with this place. I live in Phoenix and whenever I am in Tucson I stop in for a sandwich, some cold cuts and something from the butchers block. Their sandwiches are huge. If you haven't been before I suggest looking at the menu before you arrive. There are so many option. I love the Mindy Sue. It's a BLT on steroids. Their in house made jalapeño salami is amazing as well as their linguica.

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Sausage Shop Meat Market And Deli

1015 W Prince Rd #141, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 888-1701