2526 E 6th St, Tucson
(520) 240-6947

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Aaron Lewis

As soon as we approached the line to order, a Tumerico employee approached us and explained the unique points of their operation. A big side board listed the menu for the day, truly for the day. He explained some of the special ingredients, vegetarian and vegan choices and we loved the variety of food items. The plates arrived with the order we had placed and it included some fresh salad, beans and rice. Most unique and extremely tasty was the turmeric lemonade. I'll order it every time. Service was prompt, and even though they were very busy, (being near the U of A), we didn't wait long at all for our meals. We'll return soon.

Luna Films4k

Food was so good I had to get a to go order. Best jack fruit tacos I ever had and I'm a world traveler. Don't forget to get their world famous lemonade and thank me later.Why are you still reading this ?Go there now and bless your life.HalleluYah


Nice vegan restaurant. The staffs were friendly and helpful. At first I was not aware this restaurant is a vegan restaurant, I thought the carnitas I ate was real meat! They did a good job at seasoning the plant base meat -- jackfruit. On the other hand, I really enjoy the guacamole. It was so yummy! The fruit juice was fine.In general, this restaurant surprise me. I couldn't image how delicious vegan Mexican food can be until I tried this place!

Julee von Craigh Snyder

First, second, and third experiences have all been beyond any expectation I have had from a restaurant. Dog friendly, first off! The first person I spoke with on my first visit had an impeccable demeanor. He informed me about the menu and it's subtleties. Such a friendly, kind, and professional person. We sat to wait for the food and drinks and were checked up on by that individual as well as two others! With SMILES! The FOOD! AMAZING! Everything had flavor, class, and individual personality. Each time I've had a meal from Tumerico on 6th, I've felt incredibly grateful and my body has had no complaints. Each time, the interactions have been absolutely on point. Kind, polite, and real. My favorirte thing, the Turmeric Lemonade, it hits my foodie/drinkie spirit!I've loved the Arroz con Pollo, Potato Tacos, and Breakfast Tamales. Those 4 Powers level everything up! The spicy mole sauce led me to appreciate the smoky flavor of chipoltle. My Tumerico experiences have felt like a big ole hug from the Universe. I can't wait to get back there! :)

Alyssa G

I was skeptical at first but saw it had good reviews so I gave it a shot. My husband and I had the Cuban tacos and Al Pastor tacos. They were SO good. I grew up in a Mexican household and the Cuban was easily in my top 5 best tacos I've ever eaten. Took the famous tamales home (not sure of the name) and they were good. It's hard to compare to traditional Mexican food but they are delicious either way!

Michael Mc

Excellent vegan restaurant we found on our trip driving thru town filling up gas. Highly recommend the tamales they are killer.Not sure how they get their jackfruit to taste exactly like carnitas. They must use liquid smoke or something. It’s absolutely incredibly and mouthwatering good. We will be back on our next trip thru!

Kat Dempsey

My friend Jess and I ate at Tumerico for the first time on Tuesday. We loved the staff who were very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu listed on a couple wall chalkboards.?????We both had the Cuban Tacos and truly loved them!! TheJack Fruit they used inside tacos had a sauce that was sweet and tangy as well as delicious plus generous portions on a big plate.We will be back to try more. Super fresh ingredients and healthy great food!!❤ The gluten free brownie for desert was yummy too!

Vanessa Harper (ziggyjava)

The employees here are delightful and incredibly helpful! I highly recommend the tamales - they're their specialty and are delicious. If you have an aversion to cilantro, then you'll want to steer away from the black beans, guacamole, and pico, but there are plenty of other options. The espresso & lattes are something special. I had the mole latte and really enjoyed it and wish I could have tried their other offerings as well.

Johanna Hribal

We stopped through Tucson for a quick bite and are so glad we went to Tumerico for lunch! The best vegan food we have probably ever had, the flavor was amazing, and the service was fantastic. Will definitely be back next time we visit!

Wilee D.

Excellent and highly recommend. I came here a couple ago and their menu has been revamped but loved the changes! Keep up the good work and expand where you can while not sacrificing the product!

Alex J.

Don't be dissuaded by the vegan/vegetarian labels, as an omnivore this was one of the best Mexican meals I've had in town. Simple counter-service atmosphere, with about 9-10 dining tables and cool art on the walls, a daily menu plus regulars, and a good variety of coffees, teas, and juices. I ordered the tamales because that's what I order if it's on the menu. The tamale was a perfect sweet and savory ratio, always appreciate the green olives, and it had a bit of heat from the jalapeños. I like that they serve "all powers", so you get rice and beans, both delicious, AND a side of greens. I was surprised they were raw/cold at first but they actually paired really well with everything. Pico, guac, and I think pickled onions also accompanied. Definitely a fresh, unique, and healthy-feeling meal. I also should've ordered chips and more of the guacamole as well. The cashier was super friendly, greeting regulars with a "welcome back" and going over the menu and restaurant concept for first-timers like myself. The service was attentive and also very friendly. Very surprised this is my first time coming here but I will definitely be back to try more.

Chelsea J.

Do not trust any reviews for this place that are less than 5 stars. We dined here tonight for the first time and were blown away. My husband and I are meat eaters and could not tell we weren't eating meat. I had the Cuban tacos. He had the ropa vieja and we shared a single red tamale. The portions were huge. Everything came with guac, rice, beans, and salad. They were happy to do all salad and no rice or beans for me. The staff was extremely friendly. This place is amazing!

Julian S. Stevens

I had the coconut curry special. It was extremely delicious and all the vegetables were so fresh. I would like to come back and try their fancy juices!


HANDS DOWN the best meal of my entire life. friendly staff, clean atmosphere, speedy service! Cannot wait to come back again soon.

Lucy M.

The food at this location is 10 stars amazing and fresh. Staff was also very friendly, attentive and welcoming. Definitely a must for fresh vegan/vegetarian food! Loved it!

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