1651 S 4th Ave Ste A-1, Yuma
(928) 782-5548

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Angel S. Torres

Never really consistent when it comes to their original iced coffee. Sometimes the color is off and sometimes the taste is off. Sometimes they don't give me the right order. Just got an original iced coffee with a bunch of sugar and flavored sweetener, that I didn't ask for. 2 drinks and I'm feeling the sugar. I'd rather feel the caffeine than the sugar. Oh well. 2 stars. Nothing but love.

Dan Deaver


Ana Karolina Palafox

Today I tried butter pecan iced cappuccino. It was very good

Gaston B.

This place fucking sucks, quickest breakfast I've ever gotten shit sucked all the way, talk about just slap this shit together and out the door, they feed better food to pigs

Mona Escalante

Staff was courteous, service was fast for the amount of vehicles in the drive-thru. Coffee, food/treats were hot & fresh. Keep up the great job!

Frank Weimer

Their coffee is always so amazing and so good customer service was wonderful and they were very polite best place ever

Kate Dunn

The cashier named swampy was very rude to me refused to give me a doughnut because I forgot to order one for my daughter that I just got out of Phoenix Children’s Hospital the night before and she would not let me purchase a donut at the window she was laughing. She was very rude and I was not happy

Patrick Russell

I made a similar post at the Fortuna Foothills Dunkin.. Every time I go through the drive-through they are always laughing over the mic so it’s hard to hear what is going on. It takes longer than it should to request an order to be made and when I received my order of 2 egg and cheese wake up wraps, the tortillas were burnt and one of the wraps weren’t even wrapped. I didn’t order a tostada.

Sedrick Sando

Dunkin says it allll yummy yummy

Rose Quigley

Love there everything bagel's. And the coffee is really good.

Katherine kay

Great refreshing drinks & donuts were the best!

Diana R.

Drive through order last two DD visits. Both times my coffee was lukewarm, they forgot to give me my 10 munchkin donuts for my kids and this time they gave me the wrong donut. My daughter wanted a chocolate donut with sprinkles, they gave her a plain glazed. DD employees, please pay attention to details and make coffee warmer. Also, donuts are not fresh; they feel a little stale.

Micaela Mendoza

I've given this place 1 too many chances. Been here only 3 times but each time something was off; employees don't wear masks or gloves when handling food, drive thru staff has been rude or unhelpful each time, and something always seems to be wrong somewhere. For me, the last couple of times the oven was not running, and they were out of multiple kinds of donuts. I'll be going to the Foothills location from now on.

Joseph I.

America runs on Dunkin', just not the one in Yuma. Man, this place can shove it. After braving the great drive-thru line, we ordered a medium black coffee, large, unflavored iced latte, and a couple of donuts. This was an uncomplicated ticket, to be sure. We paid our dues at the window and took our loot home for the breakfast table. Our first impression was that the donuts were old. The frosting was awfully dry and cakey, and the donuts themselves were stale. What an unappetizing disappointment. The large, unflavored iced latte was intensely flavored with unmistakable pumpkin spice. It tasted like something out of an extract bottle: Pungent, overdone, and artificial. About the only thing they got right was my coffee, although it was lukewarm. I'm not one to demand a do-over, but in this case, I did. I reached out to the higher-ups at Dunkin' to complain about my experience. They replied promptly, stating that they forwarded my remarks to the Yuma store. Unsurprisingly, I never heard anything from them again. What this tells me is that Yuma Dunkin' is satisfactorily abysmal. They're rather like a dung beetle, content with themselves and their inherent shittiness. Except a dung beetle is more organized, lol. One star looks good on them. As to conclude this review, might I recommend the following alternatives to this sham of a Dunkin'. Enjoy! Yuma's Donut (1995 S. 4th Ave.) Donut Corral (11411 S. Fortuna Rd.)

Joe Hirschfield

Dunkin Donuts got the best donuts in the city of Yuma very nice people that work there too

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