In-N-Out Burger

1940 E 16th St, Yuma
(800) 786-1000

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John Sartori

Have been wanting to try an actual burger place. Went through drive thru and it was a long process even though a girl took my order in the parking lot(they may want to take lessons from Portillo's). It took over 15mins to get to the window.Ordered #3 combo which is a single patty and a strawberry shake. I can't see what all the raves are about this place. Meat was paper thin and no flavor. Why do hamburger joints think that condiments are whats make a good sandwich. As for the strawberry shake, it was room temperature and lacked a real strawberry flavor. Disappointed and the only reason I gave them 2 stars is their employees were friendly and pleasant.

Johnson Co. AR Gov. Accountability

It's been years since I last enjoyed a nice In-N-Out Burger. My first time enjoying a meal from this unique fast food chain was in 1990 near Palm Desert, CA during a 2 week vacation at Sam's Family Spa resort/campground. A fast food chain that actually uses 100% real meat instead of those half dry somewhat rubbery textured patties. The lettuce and onions are always fresh and great quality. Their milkshakes are pretty good too. I'd like to see this chain expand. We could always use one right here in Clarksville, Arkansas. I know the folks out here would really enjoy that. ???

Gary M. Taylor

Everything was great except we had to go outside to eat because we were freezing inside

Tillie Martinez

Loved it! My burger was delicious. Hot and juicy. The way 'fast food ' should be. Staff was friendly, the restaurant was VERY clean, even the restroom. Great job!!! Keep it up!


Always a tasty burger, fries and milkshake if you're patient enough to wait in the drive thru for 15+minutes?

Wendy Santana Pangburn (Wendy Lady)

Best classic cheeseburger ever! Love the customer service and energetic staff.

David Coleman

Every meal is delicious, and the portions are still an excellent value for the money.

Antonia Scott

great employees

Ericka C.

I love In N Out, and this one is just as delicious as every other one I have been to! I wish it wasn't ALWAYS so busy, but it is jam packed 24/7. Which is a testament to how good In N Out is, but still. The drive thru line takes forever (at least the food is always fresh though) so I usually go inside to get my food because it seems to be faster that way. I'll definitely keep eating here! It's so so good. If you aren't familiar with the secret menu, give the animal style burger and fries a try next time you go and I doubt you'll be disappointed. YUM!

Nita Leavell

Loved the burger! I got the #2 combo and added pickles to the burger - Delightful. The fries on the other hand left me trying to figure out what type of bafoonery was happening here. They weren't fried because of all the obvious signed... No grease on the cardboard basket and none on the fries either. Did they air fry these? It's like a cruise between a veggie straw an a Pringle. This is my first experience with In-n-out and my honest opinion is to get the burger only and skip the fries or swing by five guys and pick up a bag of theirs. It'll make your meal taste way better.

Anthony Day

Food was great just like normal. The girl at the front seemed super irritated with everyone she was ringing up including me. Just wasn’t the normal experience, every one had a bad day but she certainly wasn’t faking it.

Marshal D

My double double animal style was very good. Next time I’ll get the fries well done and also animal style. Burger great! Fries meh! Well worth a visit.

Barb Das

Excellent Cheesburger Combo with a delicious Vanilla milk shake! Yummy!


This is my favorite burger place. Employees are always super nice and the food is so good!

Jaime Mena

My wife and I met up with her sister out in town and we decided to have lunch together here. When we walked in we were able to get both families to sit together which regularly it is a challenge considering how many people were in our group (9). The wait for our order was very short, the food was good. Everyone was enjoying the conversation and food. We had alot of fun. I was greatful to the staff for being very courteous and patient with us.

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