Pizza Hut

580 E 32nd St, Yuma
(928) 726-4118

Recent Reviews

Lauri St.Cyr

Easy ordering on my mobile app and easy to pick up at the drive thru window! My go to place on the weekends!!

Hassan Martinez

There is no servant or any attention to customer servers what so ever. It looks like there is no manager or nobody has a clue to what to do. Did take 30min to even someone even know that I was there waiting. In addition, they still told me that they are not given serves so I ask myself so why are you here (I got there at 4pm so they are still not closed). Well I got frustrated and when to the next Pizza Hut that I find.

Eric Valenzuela

Pizza was ready in the time frame i was given pulled up to drive through paid left quick and easy thanks.

Joshua Mount

This restaurant tends to get my order wrong. Not completely wrong, but attention to detail wrong. For instance, last night I ordered the new Detroit Pizza with "80 pieces of pepperoni" and added mushrooms. I recieved a Detroit pizza with no cup pepperoni, hardly any mushrooms, and it was cold. I called the store and they gave me store credit and even offered to remake it. But unfortunately this type of thing happens about every 3rd time I order from them.

Penny Fletchall-Cecil

The pizza i got was nasty. I ate one piece and rest is in trash. First time I ever got a bad one. Dough not cooked.

Joseph Bryce

The Pizza is really good pasta kinda ok dessert pizza really good would be really nice with a salad bar 699 for buffet ok deal staff super nice not enough choices but good

Adam Peterson

We had the buffet, which was pretty decent, and it was a solid price just being 7 bucks. That being said. Pizza hut is definitely not my favorite pizza place. Their crust and sauce are a little sweet in my opinion, but the service was really good. Our server was a really nice lady who spoke both Spanish and English which was also nice.

Coniack Da Great

Who Ever Made My Pizzas And Wings Should Be A Shame Of There Self First Off Pizza Was Dry As Hell Cold With Only Two Pizzas With Sauce On Them And That Sauce Maybe Covered Half Of The Pizzas Cold Like It’s Just Been Sitting Outside The Warmer While Waiting For Pick Up Crust Was So Thin The Slice Of Pizza Folded While Trying To Eat What Makes It Even Bad Is I bought This Meal For My Co Worker’s I Was Embarrassed And Felt Bad And Totally Agreed With Them This Pizza Hut Lost My Service And Other’s As Well The Manager Did Offer To Remake The Order Fresh But Still This Is Uncalled For ?

kimmy jackson

It's decent for a pizza place. Could be worse. Could be better.

Rick Rabb

Not happy with the way the pizza was put together. Toppings not evenly distributed. I have mentioned this before in a past survey. It got better but now is the same as before.


Pizza hut use to be my favorite but in my previous visit it was bad. Sat at the drive true for a few minutes until finally someone noticed i was waiting there. And when i got home to eat the pizza it was bad. Bad because bread wasnt even full covered with sauce and I paid for a bunch of ingredients on it and only got scraps. Once slice was like a cheese pizza. complete waste of money.

Neil Obus

I very much like pizza hut and this one is close to where I live. But I ordered and paid extra for a garlic butter crust and did not receive it. So, always check to make sure orders are complete.

Victor Calderon

I placed a delivery order online. After the estimated time passed, I called the store and was told the driver could not find my address, even though I live in a neighborhood with other houses (not in a hard to find area) and have ordered delivery from this Pizza Hut location and other restaurants before with no problems. I will not be buying from Pizza Hut anytime soon.

Larry Reed

Good pizza ? service need more help ?

David Coulter

Fix the notification bell for the drive up window or install a button with a buzzer. Tired of having to wait an extra long time for someone to finally notice you at the window, very inconvenient.

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