BjornBar Bakery - BURQUITLAM

581 Clarke Rd #111, Coquitlam
(604) 986-6886

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Mal V.

They have the best vegan cake I've ever had in their Bliss Bar. Not too dry, not so moist it's basically a brownie -- true cake. Might be the beat cake I've had period now that I think about it. Not many other dairy-free options there, but they really knock that one vegan item out of the park. Glad I came into Edgemont Village. For how close it is to the Capilano Suspension Bridge I'm surprised more people don't head over there, but it wasn't crowded at all. Nice relaxed feel everywhere.

Emily C.

Love coming here! I haven't physically been to this place in ages because my mom and I used to come here all the time. My husband and I bought the creme brûlée bar which we had tonight it was delicious! Great customer service too!

Carola G.

Ordered a red velvet cake from Bjornbar for a birthday (small, outdoor, Covid) celebration. It was amazing and raved about by everyone, cake-lovers and icing-lovers alike. Presentation was beautiful too. Can't wait for our next occasion to try another of their cakes! Thanks, Bjornbar, so happy to have found a go-to bakery, we'll be back.

Martin P.

Great coffee, very tasty pastries and sandwiches, and really nice and friendly staff. From all the coffee places in Edgemont Village definitely the best place!

Ruth Amanda

Marshmallow cookie sandwiches are the best!

Chiwai E.

Whenever I go North Van, I must make a trip to buy their sandwiches that is chewy n fresh and the blueberry pie, just so delicious n not the artificial sweet.

Carmen H.

HOT CHOCOLATE FEST IS BACK!! My partner and I are usually not too big of a hot chocolate fan, but we heard that this is infused with Earl grey tea. You bet we went to get one! We loved every part of this drink, it wasn't overly sweet as it's made with dark chocolate. The Earl grey flavour worked so well, it was like a london fog hot chocolate. As the truffle melted into the drink, it was so creamy and it also added a hint of sweetness. You can totally tell that it was some high quality truffle! Even the whip cream was delicious, it was so light and fresh. Go try this before it ends! We also got their mocha and it's so good! Perfect balance of sweetness and espresso, we'll definitely be back to try their baked goodies and more! Available from: JAN 16 - FEB 14 Hot chocolate fest: $6

Brigid F.

Being celiac, tried their Bounty bar... not great but okay. Also bought a piece of the Roca and nougat. The Roca was soft and grainy... not properly cooked to the right temperature to make it crunchy. Nougat was very dense and disappointing as a nougat lover. Threw both away as not worth eating. Visited before being diagnosed as celiac - gluten food is good but I'd skip the gluten free items.

Jeannine Galland

The best cinnamon buns in the world.

Jurn L.

Two weeks ago, I ordered a Red Velvet cake from BjornBar Bakery for a birthday celebration for two. This was my first time ordering.. and the cake was so good! It got devoured by everyone at the birthday, and several went for seconds (including me). Even fiancé liked it, and he's not much of a dessert person. When going to pick up the cake itself, their pastries looked amazing! I was tempted, but had to save my stomach for the birthday celebration. I liked the Red Velvet cake so much that I ordered this Fruity! (strawberry) cake the following weekend. We had a small family gathering for my nephew's 1st birthday on Sunday, and we decided to also surprise my sister with cake too, since her actual birthday was only a few days later. This cake was delicious as well.. a vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream frosting. If you like a light, fruity cake.. this is it. You can choose from other fruits as well. Seriously, look at them layers in the cake.. wow! Highly recommend! Will definitely be visiting again to try their pastries (and perhaps another cake in the future).

Faith W.

Super tasty goodies. It's such a cool chill fun vibe Inside. I love this place. The treats are to die for. Parking situations are easy and worth the journey if you do not live close. I will be back soon!

Shannon DeSouza

I love this bakery! Such a great atmosphere. Huge array of food, desserts and drinks. Highly recommended!

Imma M.

I visited Bjornbar Bakery for the first time to check out the Hot Chocolate Festival. This event has been great overall for helping me discover new places that I might not otherwise visit. Although we came to drink hot chocolate, the star of the show was something called a B Bomb. I actually almost didn't order this hot chocolate at all, because it was called "You Da B Bomb," and I felt embarrassed to say that out loud, frankly. Good thing I got over myself - the B bomb was delicious. I'm still not exactly sure what it was, but I sure enjoyed it. It was best described as maybe a cross between a pain au chocolate and a Timbit. A little sphere of croissant dough with chocolate in the middle, rolled in sugar. I think it might have been fried, but I'm not totally sure, because it was so buttery. Next time I'm on the North Shore, I look forward to coming back and trying more baked goods. Bjornbar specializes in layered bars, and seem to have at least fifty options. The savoury items looked appealing as well. The atmosphere was loud and colorful, and people seemed to be having fun. There was slightly unconventional but energetic music playing. Seating was somewhat limited, but this may be because we visited on a weekend afternoon during the HC festival. Thanks HC Fest for introducing me to Bjornbar!

Josephine W.

Came here during the Hot Chocolate Festival and tried their "You Da B-Bomb" drink. This drink & treat is lower priced than some others as the portion of the drink is smaller but it tasted good and I wanted more after! The best part was the B-Bomb (doughnut) which was drizzled in chocolate. It was, light & fluffy and delicious!

Chloe C.

Came here to try their You Da B-bomb ! hot chocolate for the hot chocolate festival this year. I wanted to try their jalhousie but they were sold out :(( The atmosphere is cozy and cute, but the floors were dirty. You da B-bomb hot chocolate (3.5/5) The portion was really tiny for almost $6 lol but it was pretty good. It's just your average hot chocolate though, but the chocolate B-bomb that it came with was pretty good. Not sure if it's worth it haha. Cappuccino (3/5) Decent, but nothing special. My parents said the barista could have taken more care in terms of preparing the coffee as the cream was carelessly dumped on top. Opera bar (4/5) This was my favourite. It had a nice coffee flavour along with the chooclate, although it was a little too sweet. Peanut butter cup bar (1.5/5) Way too sweet and didn't have enough peanut butter flavour. I wouldn't get this again. Pecan pie bar (2.5/5) This was also too sweet, and there was too much butter filling compared to pecans. Brownie bar (3/5) This was my dad's favourite, as he liked the rich chocolate flavour and the almonds. I thought it was okay, but it lacked chocolate flavour and it was too dense and hard, as we couldn't cut through it with a fork. This was an okay experience, but I'm not sure if I will be back since I don't live near this area.

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