Casitas Taco Al Carbon

405 N Victory Blvd, Burbank
(818) 848-3242

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Al H.

I would be one of the first customers to give this establishment a good rating and I would have given 5 stars. The reason for 4 stars is as follows. I've been eating here well over 10 years at least. They cook all their meat al carbon on a charbroiler. The chicken is especially tasty because of the way they marinate it. The steak is good but could use some kind of citrus style marinade similar to the way carne ranchera is seasoned. I have one main complaint, they used to have what I thought as one of the best chicken Caesar salads around. The last time (2019) there was a major romaine lettuce e-coli scare, they switched to iceberg lettuce. I had one of the salads and iceberg lettuce just doesn't taste right for this salad so I stopped ordering it. After the problem went away, they still kept using the wrong lettuce so I stopped going all together. I started going back after more than a year to find that they're still using iceberg lettuce, they just never changed back, very disappointing. I stopped there today for a couple of their grande chicken burritos and asked why they haven't set some of their tables back up since LA County is now in the least restrictive tier of Covid restrictions and they're allowed indoor dining with 50% capacity. The girl said maybe June or July, she didn't know. Both these two issues (lettuce and dining indoors are decisions of the new owner. Last time I stopped going here, we changed to Poquito Mas.

Fernando Villa

Like the service and fresh food every day


Best carne asada EVER! Tacos, quesadillas, it’s all amazing! I look forward to exclusively eating tacos from here- and it gives me reason to take the drive and see the fam more often than I would’ve without the delicious food to look forward to! ;)


Real good burritos amazing red salsa and nice staff


Fantastic tacos, quesadilla and salsa. Definitely worth stopping by and having some food if you’re in the area!

F Lorton

Authentic delicious and affordable. You can't go wrong, some of the best Mexican food in the valley. Just watch out! The hot red salsa is spicy ;)

Andrew B.

This is our go-to take-out spot. The food is lights out every time, prices are affordable, and the whole staff is super friendly. Get the Special Nachos and a large side of the salsa verde and you'll be good to go for the rest of the night.


Authentic delicious and affordable. You can't go wrong, some of the best Mexican food in the valley. Just watch out! The hot red salsa is spicy ;)

Ruce Lalyn

Try it once and now I'm hooked. The flavors are on point.

Gina G.

Love this spot !!! Always so friendly and greeted with a smile.. they never disappoint

Pat S.

It's hit or miss for me. On the salty side. My mom really hates the chard pieces which is sometimes a lot. Filling portions usually with some leftover. Staff is very nice.

Angela L.

We love the food and the people at Casita!  Their service is super fast.  Delicious burritos.

Aidan N.

Amazing little hole-in-the-wall Mexican spot in NoHo. There's always people picking up food here so you know it's legit.

Food is flavorful and portion sizes are huge. One of the better Mexican places I've had in the area.

Ranchero burrito is their version of a wet burrito and boy, is it delicious and filling. I get the ranchero burrito combo, which comes with beans and rice.

Not much more to say other than if you like Mexican food (who doesn't?) then give this place a try.

Greg Boggs

Truly the best burritos in all of Burbank. Highly recommend to all my friends and acquaintances.

J Beartoe

I really liked the hard shell tacos - recommend!

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