Daily Grill

2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 840-6464

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Millie Ben-David

A lot has changed over the last 30 years and The Daily Grill is not immune. Back in their heyday it was hands down one of the nicest restaurants to dine. I remember the iconic life size plastic cow at the front door. Classic American food with the daily blue plate special. I imagine that it was sold to a corporations whose interest in the bottom line took away the linen napkins, automatic basket of multiple warm bread and whipped butter presented by waiters in crisp white shirt and thin black tie. Now the service is upscale Denny's but the food remains a decent quality. It's not what it use to be but worth a visit for the meatloaf and pot pies.

Jill Durso

Excellent food. Raoul delivered excellent service. I definitely coming back!! Highly recommend.


It was great. Food delicious. Had a salad that was one of there specials.

Sorin Neagu

Very bad, food is very bad ?and cocktail worst. Before was a good restaurant but know is not worth it

Sean Lake

Awesome waiter, Rick from the now closed down Studio City location. Food still amazing as always. Great atmosphere.

Jaime A.

We went there for breakfast this morning at 8:00 am, only to be told that inside dining was not available until 11:00 am (to-go order was offered). It's a shame, as this was not mentioned on Yelp. We went somewhere else

Jeremiah Gooch

Water was awesome and his service was great! But the wings I ordered were so over cooked and hard as a rock! Would not recommend food at all!

Craig Atkins

Daily grill has always been a great place to grab lunch. Would recommend for variety alone!

Greg F.

My previous review of sub par food and service here on Yelp got the attention of manager Jessica who actually tracked me down at the Marriott Burbank by phone. She apologized repeatedly during our conversation for not meeting up to minimum guest standards for food and service. She offered reimbursement and or complimentary meal all of which I declined. When asked how to "make things right"? I answered that staff training, refreshing service standards with a staff that may just be returning after corona downsizing of crew. Just make the food and service right going forward. No more. No less. Just as calling out a less than acceptable food and service is a good thing- taking time to note good food and service is just as important. This morning my breakfast of an Egg White omelet with avocado and sliced tomatoes with breakfast potatoes was on point. Nicely done and delivered on time, hot and tasty Jessica's intervention is apparent and appreciated. Thank you. No

William Odum

Tried this place once with a friend and I am addicted since then. I love the excellent vibes and tasty food and drinks. I recommend this place.

Leo P.

This is a great place to come for a meal or just a drink. Their staff is always nice and friendly, and they make sure customers are happy with their food. I ordered the Caprese Flatbread and an IPA, everything was delicious!

Angelica Hernandez

Highly recommend. Delicious and wonderful service. Combined with EDC outside patio service at the moment due to covid.

xbbpg1 a

I like this spot! They serve tasty meals, their menu is rich, The chef in that place is a real pro, I like very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the customers is friendly. I visit often this restaurant and I not even once was unhappy. I highly recommend it.

Koda Foley

Would certainly recommend trying this spot. Fantastic ambience, fresh food, awesome customer service. Highly recommended.

Taylar C.

This place had its day- but damn, they've gone down. Last time we ordered from them it was a salt lick on the potatoes. Almost as if they poured an entire 16 oz salt shaker over the potatoes.  Well here I am again. Shame on me. Here's a picture of my omelette with a fist full of unmelted cheese only in the middle. Do these "chefs" know how to cook?

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