Morton's The Steakhouse

3400 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 238-0424

Recent Reviews

Beautiful YouAre

Delicious Salmon and Cream Spinach, and the wine ? really nice taste. Have the sweet taste I like. ??

Eddy Chavarria

Great place Highly recommend it

Christina Trithara

The food was excellent, the service horrible. The waiter didn't stop by once to see if we wanted any other drinks and he walked by our table several times.

Aitor Urionabarrenechea

Great steakhouse and Great service

Sam Koko Mcgarry

Awesome place I go once a month and it’s always an awesome meal

ayesha hunt

Didn't have the opportunity to try the food-was turned away. Myself and two others walked in at 5:30pm. Sign on the window says they open at 5pm, place was empty with the exception of one party inside sitting together. The outdoor seating was also empty. Person up front was on the phone so we waited about 3 mins before he hung up. First he acknowledged the couple that walked in after us then asked if we had reservations of which we did not (first timers). He informs us they are completely booked for the night with no availability. I suspect the way we looked had something to do with us being turned away but hey if my money is no good there then I will gladly patron some where else! Wont go anywhere I'm not welcomed.

Arlene Rebultan

The food is regularly well prepared and yummy, workers provides awesome service. I love the cleanliness and atmosphere. Will visit here again.

Monica P.

Nope I won't be going back. My husband and I ended up so disappointed after spending $$$ on this place.

Keith D

When I have a business meeting, I tell them to meet me HERE. Great food, service and drinks. Get a table in the corner to talk business. Wish I was there right now!

Khymberlee C.

I am a frequent Morton's diner, but have only visited this location twice. My daughter and I was happy that outdoor dining was reopened so we decided to go this location. Perhaps because it was a slow night that they just didn't care. My steak was dry, seasoning in the sides were nonexistent and the food was late coming out. I would normally understand if it were busy, but there were only two tables and we were the second. I expect more from Mortons especially after a $400 tab. Now I remember why I hadn't been to this location in years...that first time wasn't great either. My favorite locations are Woodland Hills and Downtown LA. I won't be back to this location unless its just for a bottle.

Matthew Dane

Typically I do not like to send bad reviews to places especially on holidays or important days because I know how hectic it could be those days and mistakes are made however, I ordered a dinner for two last week and was told it will be ready by 7:30. Showing up to pick up our dinner we were told 15 more minutes which is totally fine it looked very busy! 15 minutes passes. 30 minutes passes 45 minutes pass still nothing. We were approached and were told 15 more minutes and then an entire hour later our food was ready. As we bring back the food to my apt the steak and lobster were freezing cold and not cold as in we brought it to my apt that is 10 minutes from the restaurant but FREEZING cold. My steak was not done and the lobster was still chilled. We never received the bottle of wine as promised in the meal and received the wrong appetizer. I spent 200 dollars on two dinners to have to bring it to my house and recook the entire meal. I understand it’s a busy day for you guys with Valentine’s however in the future be more prepared.

Neal Masdin

what i ordered... Rib eye steak and sweetbreads to date, cooked right with savory fungus sauce. steak was a little stringy but was tender and cooked to perfection.ambiance... good (classy but not the CR)service... good (my waiter/she was excellent but the bussers were not, they were judgemental of what you look like for the service they offer)cost... $$$$$$+ (fair)

Alicia A.

Went to dinner here last night and it was a completely empty patio! Literally myself and one other table. The "manager" sent the hostess to inform us that upon ordering our dinner we only have an hour and a half to eat and leave because they are booked and can't mess up other peoples reservations. The place was embarrassing empty! Only sounds you heard were crickets! Had to be a joke! There was no point in ordering dinner so instead I called fogo de choa in Beverly Hills which was able to get us in right away with no wait time at all. The place was way more vibrant & it was a packed house! So instead we spent our 800$ bill there ,I guess Morton's has so much money they don't want the public to attend their restaurant.

Natalie J.

-Pandemic outdoor dining experience- I visited Morton's the weekend restaurant were able to open back up for outdoor dining (end of January 2021). They have a super cute small patio area with heating lamps and all tables are perfectly spaced apart. I felt absolutely safe during my whole dining experience. I wish I took pictures of my food but I was so excited to dig in that I totally forgot. Things I ordered: - Ahi Tuna Poke: 5/5 - the ahi tuna was super fresh and I would definitely recommend if you're an ahi tuna fan - Lobster mad and cheese: 5/5 - YOU MUST order this if you come to Morton's. Definitely a staple! - Smoke Gouda & Bacon Au Gratin Potatoes: 5/5 - amazing! Comes out bubbling! - Prime Ribeye (medium rare): 5/5 - perfectly cooked! I should add that I came for a friends birthday and they even printed their special birthday menus for us. Such a nice a personal touch!

Bearsakioamol Jerasakolaihik

Had a awesome experience here with my kid. The food was served fast and the service is just great. Prices are convenient.

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