Octopus Japanese Restaurant

227 E Palm Ave, Burbank
(818) 556-6622

Recent Reviews

Kathleen Palmer

Great sushi, good service. Walked in Wednesday night, no wait, open tables. Happy hour is 3pm-6pm, and 9pm- close.

Anna Benincasa

A wonderful sushi place we rediscovered! Well worth going out of our way to order it. We ordered the octopus chef's Special plate, the crouching tiger, hidden dragon roll, the ahi carpaccio and cucumber salad. It was a feast! Thank you Octopus sushi for packaging our to go order so beautifully. To was delicious!

Joe Hernandez

Some of the best sushi this side of town. Very flavorful, great sized portions and very filling. If your in the Burbank area and feel like changing it up, I recommend making a stop at this place. Spacious and they offer outside seating as well.I would also like to acknowledge the servers and crew for going out of their way to make our stay very pleasant. See you guys soon.

Joon K.

The food was very good, the restaurant itself was very clean, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant.

Adonis Aleksanian

OMG, their attitude was awesome and wonderful. I love sushi and I'll always go over there. Thanks. God bless you.

Rachel Manlapaz

I always come here for the bento box. It is relatively cheaper than some places for the amount of food that comes with it. You get to choose 2 side dishes + rice, tasty house salad, edemame, my favorite cucumber salad, 1 piece of gyoza, karage/fried chicken, and miso soup. The prices went up after COVID, and of course when minimum wage went up. That's LA inflation for you at its finest. It used to be around $11 for lunch and now it's $13+. If it's just for 2 hungry people, I recommend sharing a bento box with 1 side/sushi. For those not super hungry, just share 1 bento. Your tummy will thank me. The Tiger Sushi didn't disappoint. It was good we got the sushi first because it took a while for our bento to come out. Cutlets do take longer time to cook. I know because I worked at a Japanese restaurant before.Why I took out 1 star? Like most places out there, their cooking depends on the chef for the day and the mood. I always loved their cutlet, but last night's was overcooked and a bit hard to bite into. To be fair, we arrived around closing time, 40 mins to closing. Hence, the chef probably forgot to take my cutlet out while he was cleaning up for the day. It's OK chef. I promise to arrive a little earlier next time.

Cynthia A.

Octopus is the main go-to spot for sushi cravings with friends! They've redone the inside since the last time I've been to this one and it looks great!

Vanessa A.

We weren't planning on going out for dinner but we were craving sushi so we said what the heck, let's go and BOYYY was it guuud. We had 4 rolls, 2 Sapporo's and a hot sake. I loved it, had such a good time and a great place to end the week. Also, we didn't wait that long.

Lina M.

I wouldn't eat here again. Health score is probably a 52. Service is mediocre. Felt dirty there were so many flies inside the establishment.

DJ Intelligent

9PM and it's PACKED. The food is always good. We got sushi, and I got a steak bento. The meat was quite squishy, and not quite appealing but it still is good. Rice is perfectly cooked, Miso soup is a great small appetizer. Overall 4/5

Kathryn A.

First time going to this location. We got seated and greeted quickly on a Monday afternoon. Our server was super friendly and nice. She checked on us often and our waters were always filled. Food also came out quickly! I love how they do not put too much rice on the rolls so I could actually taste the fish. We ordered from the HH menu and from the regular menu so we got to taste a lot from the menu. I would definitely recommend this place. Parking is also pretty easy, there's a free parking garage next to the restaurant!

Ernesto Sebastian

Good food.

Niree S.

I was craving sushi and this came up as a highly rated sushi place so we decided to give it a try. The sushi was good, and crispy rice tuna was good but it didn't have that woah factor for me. I would come back in the future if I was in the area but next time I'll give the place across the street a try as well.

Victoria M.

Loveeee Octopus sushi. Have been going here for 10+ years and the quality of rolls and sushi are great for its price. I had been craving it for a while and ordered monk fish liver, sushi, salmon, ikura, uni, scallops, a rose roll, tempura California roll, and salmon crunch roll. Yes it was a ton of food but no I don't have any regrets. The total came out to $75 for my boyfriend and me.

Michael Malast

Octopus has largest Bento box I've ever seen (this is an observation more than a complement). All the food in it was very good. The ambiance of the restaurant was somewhat weird - an attempt at elegance that failed

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