Rico's Pizza

332 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 846-9690

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Edo M3

Pizza Was Delicious Thanks

Angel Gallegos

The menu and service were ahead of my expectations. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of this spot. Amazing spot to take my family out for lunch.

Heather A.

Rico's has amazing pizza. I'm only giving it 2 stars because they're hour and menu are unpredictable. It was this way before the pandemic and it's even worse now. I can never get through to them to place an order. Often times, what I want is unavailable. The food is 5 star. The service needs a LOT of work.

Luiza G.

Rico's is the best pizza place I've come across so far. Their ajarski is the best. Their pizzas are the best. No other pizza place is as good. They are a little pricey but I think it's worth it.

Lisa Lansburg

This place has good food but very poor customer service. Call on a Friday night. The phone will ring and ring. No one picks up. You ddrive over and see staff cooking.inside. Door locked. They just look at you. Must be rich already and do not need the business or something. This happend to us 3 times in the last 6 months.

Bill Hicks

The pizza is exceptionally good, and the people are very friendly. I like this place.

Ben S.

DO NOT EAT HERE! This place has a 4 star rating so I decided to give it a try. Walked in, put in my order. The guy who took my order had flour all over his hands. Anyway, he took my order, gave me my change, got a phone call and was on the phone for what seemed like forever. He finally went back and turns out, he's making my pizza too. Didn't wash his hands. I started reading the reviews of the place and others had commented on the folks working there, talking on the phone a lot and not washing their hands. Is it so hard to wash hands??? I waited a while for my pie. He (same guy) took the pizza out of the oven, threw it in a box and set it on top of the oven. A while went by and he finally gave it to me. Anyway, I threw the pizza away. Didn't eat it. Wast of money. They are UNSANITARY!!! I can let the wait and phone go, but for crying out loud...wash your hands!!!

Nick Keutzer

This place honestly surpassed my expectations. I placed an order for pickup and as soon as I walked in to get my pizza, I was greeted by name by a very friendly older man whom I can only assume was Rico himself. I got the Mexican pizza which had a super unique combination of toppings. Highly recommend!


Delicious! Very thin and crunchy crust, great if you’re into that sort of pizza. reasonably priced.

Branden Smith

Delicious! Very thin and crunchy crust, great if you’re into that sort of pizza. reasonably priced.

Maria Cruz

The pizza was delicious!!! And the customer service made the overall experience amazing !!! I’ll definitely be coming back!

Mikael Figueroa

Had a good experience in this spot with my girlfriend. The food arrives rapidly and the customer service is just excellent. Prices are affordable.

Narek D.

Absolutely terrible. Wait was way longer than they said it would be. Customer service was just as bad. Avoid this place at all costs if you are actually interested in eating a pizza that day.

Cyd F.

2 hours later and no pizza. ThEy said they called but nothing. No calls and they didn't even call GrubHub. (their 3rd party) Major FAIL on both ends. Refund given but that's it. Customer service nowadays doesn't exist. I'll never order Rico's again.

Sako Marner

Best pizza place in Burbank Glendale area. I always get the Pepperoni mushroom with bacon. They also have amazing wings and fries and salads that I've tried before. Awesome seating area inside and they serve cold beer draft or bottled. Can't wait to try their sandwiches and pastas. Looks like the place is family owned and the staff is amazing and extremely friendly. I highly recommend this place for eating in or taking out. They also have quick free delivery and they are open late at night so this is my number one go-to place for eating out.

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