Round Table Pizza

2408 W Victory Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-7613

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Callie Nguyen Zelniker

As their old slogan goes, really is the last “honest” pizza in terms of big national chains. They use real cheese, not the gross clumpy “cheese product” that the cheap chains like Dominoes and Pizza Hut. Costs more than these cheap chains but totally worth it. Delicious pizza made the way pizza used to be made 30+ years ago before the American food industry went to sh*t


I wouldn't order in this locationThe pizza was just like out of microwaveCheap wasn't fresh and no garlic what so ever despite ordering with garlicHaven't had good experience with this location . You fully pay for the food and you trust the person or people behind the counter will get fresh food but not in my case. Actually I am gonna give 1 starBecause was very disappointed...

C Bullock

I had an extraordinary in this spot. We liked the superb atmosphere and the food. The staff members are very welcoming. I am happy we finally managed to visit this restaurant.

Nicholas Webb

Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Excellent mood, flavorful dishes, excellent service. Great work.

Cesar O.

Have to admit that RoundTable is a bit on the pricey side but if anyone is going to get high dollar for there pies it's these guys. Grade A never skimp on ingredients always fresh. Great signature taste!

Jorge M.

We ordered a pan deep dish pizza and we ended getting a thin crust pizza. Their XL pizza is smaller than the Costco pizza. I should have settled for a $10 Costco pizza than spending $35 for a lousy pizza. It is small and overcooked .

Kim W.

We've had MULTIPLE ISSUES with this branch but have put up with it because we like Round Table Pizza. No longer!! We placed an order for a certain type of pizza and were delivered a cheese pizza instead. We called the restaurant with the email confirmation and everything. We were passed around to 3 or 4 different people and I assume we ultimately ended up with the owner. He was absolutely adamant that we only ordered a cheese pizza. This is simply 100% not true! We were looking right at the receipt and he simply refused to acknowledge that he got the order wrong. There's no gray area here...he's completely wrong! Times are hard for restaurants now and I almost think that he's trying to save money by not having to correct the order. We don't get pizza from this place that often and I can honestly say that they've screwed up our order in one way or another about 60% of the time. It's too bad. I like the pizza but they screw up so much you'd think they'd only been open for a week. The fact that they screwed up this bad and are refusing to admit it takes the cake customer service wise. Wow! Pretty horrible.

Sam Bag

So I ordered for the First time from this location Best Customer Service From Ruben Amazing jhe took all his time answering all my questions

Justin C.

Good solid pizza. A little on the pricey side but it's better then most chains i find out here. I prefer traditional NY style pizza spots but this one is a cool switch up. Kinda the style of chuckie cheese but better lol I want to try their pizza buffet so bad! It was a feature they had during lunch but hasn't resumed yet to my knowledge. I had the wings also which were good as well. Solid pizza spot.

Prince Phelps

The food and service were above our expectations. I really enjoyed the environment of this place. Excellent place to take the family out for dinner.

Eddie Hollingsworth

My daughter said to me her last experience a couple of years ago that she remember it being salty. Me and the wife had it today and we agree! Good,but a bit to salty

marcelle noriega

I haven't found better pizza yet. Believe it folks, the Pizza really is that good. It just is. So deal with it.

Jon Rush

Definitely a spot worth stopping by, the food is good and fresh, the prices are convenient and it is consistently well kept there. Keep up the good work.

Sarah W.

Since we moved into the area this has been our go to pizza place. I'm extremely picky when it comes to pizza & these guys are amazing. Being a vegetarian a lot of places are bland & don't offer much in the way of toppings & choices but OMG their vegetarian pizza is ridiculously tasty. We just had 2 pizzas delivered before the expected delivery time! I thought I'd put through the order but didn't complete check out & called to confirm so I assume they understood and kindly rushed my order, and they were so hot it was like they were straight out of the oven. Won't even consider going anywhere else. Thank you again Roundtable!

Bryce Thomas

Solid pie, small slices that are perfect servings especially when indulging the next day or a little midnight snack. Fresh - tasty. Next day - as good. I've gone around pizza joints in LA and none compare the next day. The other joints don't taste nearly as good even heated. The staff goes far and beyond to care for your needs and makes a perfect pie.

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