Round Table Pizza

2408 W Victory Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-7613

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Cecilia C.

My daughter and I both started calling this Round Table at approximately 8:50pm from separate phones. The website states that it closes at 9:30pm. We were hung up on every time we dialed and finally gave up trying to place an order at around 9:05pm. We called 3 other Round Table locations that state they are open later than this location, only to be told that they were closed. The Round Table corporation needs to be better with their customer service. It's unprofessional for them to have inaccurate information on the website. We were able to get take out from the Mel's Diner in Sherman Oaks which is one of our favorite restaurants.


The last time I ordered was a big disappointment ,was told as an old customer sorry maybe next time it will better but just never went back

Eric M

Props to the store manager he handled my order like a pro, And made sure that I was comfortable with the wait time because I asked for extra on my order. We had a little issue with one of the gift cards but nothing that he couldn’t handle thanks a lot

Noelle A.

Used to order here regularly several months ago and we were always pleased.  Something changed??? Recently got a pizza and we were so confused by how razor thin the crust was.  Ruined pizza night to be honest :(

Rebeca Jonie

From the first moment you come to this place the personel give you an agreeable feeling. Very hospitable waiters, it is a friendly restaurant to pass time with friends or with your date. delicious meals, creative chief cook and stuff, competitive price and nice service. Highly recommended.

Jerry M.

One LARGE King Arthur supreme stuffed crust. 45.00!! That's what I paid. FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. And the guy who runs it is a total jerk. Like wtf. Don't give this business a penny.

L S.

Wow. Do not order from here. 1:45 after we ordered and :45 after food was to have been delivered and :30 minutes after calling non-stop and no one answering, I finally drove to the location while my partner continued to call to see if we were ever getting our pizza. Partner got an answer just as I was arriving and was told the driver was on the way. I waked in and asked for a refund only to find out that almost 2 hours post order the food was not only not on its way it was still sitting under the warmer on the counter. The manager (or owner, who knows but he was a Total asshole) wouldn't print me a refund receipt and told me to leave. At this point I'm SO pissed I'm yelling at him and told him I wasn't leaving without the 2 hour late cold ass pizza because well, that's dinner. Finally I took the pizza myself and left and have a call In with corporate. His excuse was "we are busy". Well you can be busy and answer your phone if it's ringing non-stop for half an hour. You can not lie when you finally answer your phone. Oh and "busy" was roughly 5 pizzas all under the warmer in an empty restaurant because LA is closed for dine in. There are 100 pizza places. This was a mistake. Help someone who actually wants to stay in business through Covid. Don't waste your time with this liar.

Santana Brooks

They offer a nice variety of delicious food. I loved dining here. The employees are always kind, rates are reasonable and the place is always clean.

Herbert V.

The pizza was overpriced I got a small pizza and it was almost $16 Pizza tasted like frozen food I could have gone to Ralphs and bought a $5 put that in the microwave and it would have tasted sam..nice people but horrible prices with the pizza that tastes like frozen food pizza..

Mortimer B.

Our one, extra large $40 pizza wasn't what we expected. Extremely disappointed and it was cold when we picked it up. If that's the original crust, I couldn't imagine what the thin crust is. Sadly, we won't be back. The crust and dough was okay. What didn't sell me were the not-so-fresh toppings. I was shocked to see that it seemed like most of the toppings were canned and processed. Even the meatballs. Texture-wise was soy-ish. I heard that this place used to be better and that was the reason we decided to try it - what a let down.

It stinks that the pizza wasn't the best thing; however, the customer service was fantastic! They were the sweetest! I just wish the pizza could've been better!

mario m.

For 45 bucks. It was very underwhelming. Ordered off the website. Where to start? The staff there are very friendly. Thats why they got 2 stars instead of 1. The pie looks delicious. Even so, the dough is unforgettably bland and stale. We ordered red onions and meat balls instead of sweet onion and lagunica. Extra charge to swap it out via website order. Which is kinda weird since we are just substituting one for another. Red onions were burnt. Meatballs dry. Also, these aren't real meat balls they're made of soy and I can not eat soy products. Needless to say we spent well over 40 dollars for a pizza worth at most 15 bucks. Pizza was TERRIBLE.

So we decided to take a chance on this place since we've never been here. So as a first time customer. I have to say this will be the last time I eat round table pizza. Unless its something just with this location. AGAIN THE STAFF HERE IS VERY NICE. I have no issue with customer service when being spoken to. Very friendly. Unfortunately the pizza does not reflect the bright customer service.

Mr Z.

I want to love this place I really do. 13 dollars for a pizza smaller than my hand is ridiculous though. Pizza was ok, nothing special. I just don't get why the prices are so high for such a little amount of food. I feel like I've been conned.

Joe Z.

I have such a Love hate relationship with Round Table Pizza. I Love all the childhood memories this place gave me.The team fundraisers, countless hours in the arcade and the daily buffet. Sadly, It's no more. The game room is a shell of itself.The buffet is gone . The downsizing that took place a few years back,sliced the dining room in half, eliminating the valuable space that is needed to host a large banquet/fundraiser . I can live with all that. I can't live with the inconsistency, though. The pizza can be top tier one visit  then  a complete letdown the next. There seems to be a high turnover of cooks, possibly causing the quality control problems. Management needs to be on top of the training.Round Table prices are above the norm, which is ok. Just give me pizza above the norm. Every time !

Tom L.

This is an awful rip off!  Their XL pizza is the size of everyone else's medium 12" pizza...  Total [email protected] should go to this piss poor pizza cheat!

David L.

I called to place an order and RONI was the person who helped me. Great customer service and very friendly and also gave me a lot of suggestions on what toppings to get. I wish more workers were kind and friendly like RONI. Thank you brother for your kindness and just for that I will always be eating with your restaurant ! 5 stars !!

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