simplethings burbank

4013 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 562-9619

Recent Reviews

Tram A.

I love this little place!!! The food is always amazing!!! One time we ordered the stuffed turkey sandwich and it was delightful! Last week we ordered the breakfast burrito and it was done well! The staff was nice and friendly! Street parking around the block! They have some tables for dining or you can place orders for take out! Overall, great spot for food and I sure will return for more!!!!

Behrang T.

Don't u hate a place that's either a hit or a miss every time u visit? Well Simplethings is the true definition of that.

Winter G.

My first time coming here and I'm in LOVE! The vibes were everything! Customer service and Covid precautions were on point!

Balde Ruiz

I like Chris . Chill guy . I see you next week same time same foodddd

Mary J.

This place has been one of my favorites for a long time. The grilled cheese with the tomato soup is the perfect meal for when I'm feeling a little bit under the weather or just want something that feels like home. The staff is always so kind and they actually make a really great almond milk cappuccino which is pretty hard considering the milk froth's differently. Love the mini pies which make me feel better about getting a big over filling dessert. The person treat!

Loreen S.

Wasn't crazy about this place,  no one greeted us, ordered and waited a long time for our food which was just a turkey sandwich and tator tots,  it was 11:30am and the no pastries/treats were in the showcase. Not sure if they were just short staff but probably won't be coming back.

Paul Arzoian

This applies to Chris' Drippn' Chicken.. very good. Lots of food and the price is right. Great tenders and the chicken sandwich had plenty of flavor. Would return.

Olivia S.

Had OTMC so I got a steak sandwich w chimichurri that was outta this world! Also got the krispy treat w Cinnamon Toast Crunch. That was amazing also!

Called my order in, and my food was ready as soon as I got there. Everyone was courteous, it was very painless in and out.

Delicious! The flavors were phenomenal. I'd definitely come back and get the same thing, or possibly try something else.

Mackenzie Whalen

Delicious steak breakfast sandwich!

Jenny W.

I really love coming here. Their Rainy Day and Fried Chicken options are my personal favorite. Have ordered for larger groups here many times and they are always so meticulous about getting the orders perfectly. Recommend them all the time!

Maireinz M.

Amazing OFF THE MENU experience.

The steak and egg press: just delicious, didn't feel heavy at all either. Perfectly toasted bread with a good mix of sour from the balsamic, I got chipotle aioli on the side cause I like a little more spice and creamy on my sandwiches I suggest this too.

Their pies are amazing.
Key limee, cute little wedge on top to squeeze on top.great balance. The s'mores pie was also great. I love sweets and I hate when things are too sweet. These little pies were perfect amount, Mott o rich. Just right.

Christine K.

Another amazing Off The Menu Club discovery! I've driven by this place and scrolled past it on delivery apps a gazillion times with no intention to ever try it. But I'm really glad I finally did! I had the Steak & Egg Press, Brussels sprouts, and salted caramel pie. The steak was packed with skirt steak, chimichurri sauce, and topped with an egg on a ciabatta roll. It was so good! The Brussels sprouts were well seasoned and the pie was just the right amount of sweet and salty. I've perused through the menu and I can't wait to go back.

Michele D.

Just ordered the chicken grain bowl. Excellent. Highly recommend. I'll be back to try the other grain bowls

Andrew11 D

visited sat afternoon. looking forward to going back again. it has an awesome atmosphere. similar to a cafe in las vegas i loved.

A O.

Sandwiches are so good! The breakfast sandwich is perfect if you want a hearty meal. The fried chicken salad is tasty. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. They are also great with nut allergies!

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