2555 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 565-0571

Recent Reviews

Julie Sotelo

This Starbucks has the best employees Julian really helped me out when I goofed & ordered from the wrong Starbucks by mistake he was really kind & made our drinks for us! Thank you so much cause that was 100% my error

Roger Jones

The staff was friendly and helpful.

Khanh N.

It's Starbucks, not much to review. However, I've only had an consistent experience at this location when I do my mobile orders. I only live around the corner and I always order right before I drive there and not once has it not been ready, so KUDOS to these hardworking staff.

Brenda Misseijer

Visiting Solvang with brother and sister was a cold glad for Starbucks...?

Desiree W.

Staff is great but this is now the THIRD time they've messed an order or forgot something I ordered a raisin bagel and they gave me no butter what a waste of money I can't eat it by itself!! You guys need to make sure you give the customer everything

Scott Pactor

This Starbucks is in the little shopping center right in front of the Burbank Airport main entrance. I've been coming here for years to wait for arrivals next door but had never stopped in at this very decent Starbucks. This would also be a good place to hand off a suit case full of cash because no one can sneak up on you when you sit out front

Robert Cruz

Visited the Starbucks just at the entrance of the Hollywood Burbank Airport. Nice store and the baristas were very pleasant. ?????????

Flite Factory

Horrible customer service. Employees think they can be rude and treat customers how ever they feel like. I get the same coffee everywhere I go. Plus my coffee was absolute trash. Learn how to make coffee.

hector torres

one of the best starbucks evr

Lolita G

Super friendly staff.

Gilda Arteaga

2 of the secret Starbuck menu drinks.

Vincent Cowart

Best caramel frappe I've had in a while

Greg P

Went there about 6:00 p.m. because the one I usually go to was already closed and It was cool. Not to many people of course, just some in n out. Great welcoming service from their staff.

Cooper Rabin

Starbucks is always great but this location is amazing!

Kayla S.

This is my go to Starbucks! The staff is amazing and friendly. They always take the time to welcome everyone that comes in. I've tried going to other Starbucks around the area but they honestly make the drinks the best!

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