1190 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 557-6604

Recent Reviews

Vivian W.

Seems like they're regularly overwhelmed with orders. workers are doing all they can, Starbucks hire more employers. You're short staffed.

Steph L.

This Starbucks has the worst employees! So disrespectful and rude! You need better training on how to charge for your drinks and learn how to cater to the customers Whoever Aimee is needs better training she was so rude. I go to Starbucks every single morning and my charge is $3.95 period, I showed proof of receipts and she wanted to charge me double like how does that happen? If I show you proof of what I've been getting charged abandon you say it's wrong then you charge me what I've been paying and say that you will train your employees the correct way and that next time it will be more not sit and argue like I did something wrong. Customer service is dead and people should really think twice about this store, no wonder reviews are low!

Barbara Lilenfeld

This is a nice store. And parking is very available.

David Joseph

Great quick stop for a quick cup of Java..

TIna A.

Live their coffee. Used drive thru.

Demetrio J Munoz III

Very efficient, clean, and friendly staff.

Seo Advisory

Nice and clean, great service, as always

Raul Lopeez

Very friendly! Good service.

Mandy June Turpin

Best staff ever. Great service

Edgar Mouton

Not good my first time ever going in a Starbucks I was treated like I did not belong.on 5th and Grand Los Angeles 0 stars

Misty S.

Went here to get a drink for a friend. I order Small frap, no whipped cream, and no caffeine, lemonade, and cake poppers. There served several people whom order before me and a whole pack of police offers and several more people after me. I went up and ask why my order was taking so long they said it was gunna be up rt away next up. They were real rude after I ask what the hold up was. I told them it was a crazy how I tipped them generously and got horrible service. I hate this place. Workers were unprofessional and sicly rude.

Diana Jastram

Friendly staff. Fast delivery. Clean and safe environment. Love it.

Flying Dragon Productions

They make my flat white with perfection.

Reza A

Real nice people. She took her time and all the employees were great with their suggestions. Not a huge fan of Starbucks but I have to give these ladies credit. Thanks for a great cup of coffee.

Patti M.

This is my new favorite Starbucks. I have been to at least 20 different ones, but this location is very consistent
No matter what drink I order, it's perfection every time and the same yumminess no matter how many times I order it.

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