The Roguelike Tavern

259 N Pass Ave, Burbank
(818) 859-7434

Recent Reviews

Kelli Debbs

I want to root for this place and keep giving it chances but every time I am in there the owner makes it very difficult. He is very abrasive. Honestly, the food was good the one time I ate there. The staff had no clue what they were doing and actually admitted that when I asked them for a certain whiskey, all while the owner sat at the bar with his friend talking about the whiskey they were drinking and ignoring his patrons. But that didn't even bother me. Tonight we went in (trying to give another chance) and the owner ran around the bar to ask for vaccination cards. He didn't say hello. He just demanded cards and that's fine, but it was bizarre how cold he was about it. Not everyone has to be friendly all the time but it's just an accumulated experience at this place. I don't want to be negative and I never write reviews but this place is disappointing.

Alejandro Shydlowski

I was there for karaoke night and it was a total blast! Great music selection, great drink menu, and great atmosphere. Everyone was extremely supportive of the people who got up to sing and it was a very supportive atmosphere. On top of that, the drinks were delicious. Will definitely be returning!

Jacob Guild

We had a lot of fun! The schtick is basically an escape room in a box that you work on while drinking. One piece of advice though is to have an area to work on the puzzles that have a lower noise level. It was hard for our group to all hear the phone and video pieces because of the general noise of the bar.

Stephanie Hellmann

Great neighborhood bar atmosphere. Cool place to hang out and enjoy the company of your friends - and make new ones!

Faith Hall

This is a great local pub style bar that features awesome craft cocktails with a game theme and atmosphere. My local go to!

Harrison Hartley

Great food, kind staff and caring owner! :D

Chelsy W

Best bar in BurbankNightly activitiesGood craft tapLimited but bottle as wellService OUTSTANDINGThanks Carlos

Roger Velasquez

Great craft cocktails by JJ, great service and great bartender. Thank you.

Angie Stevenson

Nice dark place to meet a friend for a drink but wasn’t impressed by the food. Got the burger, tots, salad and wings.

Sharon Sanchez

Low ambience tavern ! The atmosphere is great as the bartenders and owner are nice and welcoming!! The patrons are also amazing! It made me feel right at home! I had the special and it was to die for !! Definitely recommend for beverages and drinks!! They also have events for specific days !!! You should definitely check it out!

Gwen Sanchez

The food is great! Staff is very friendly. We came here when it was only outdoor seating but I'm looking forward to seeing the inside!

Panda Ivy

Surprising Vegan options, tasty drinks, good ambience and atmosphere!I was hoping for something more nerdy for the name, but this place is a nice local find.My small complaint is the portions sizes are really hit or miss for the prices. Everything I had was very tasty though, and the service was friendly and fast.The puzzle box sounds fascinating, so I'll definitely be back to try

Erns Valdez

This place rocks! Top notch cocktails, amazing food and much fun to be had. A nice dim lit tavern that's very relaxing and perfect for a hang out session , a date or a place to play some games. They encourage guests to bring board games or take part in thier puzzle boxes. Karaoke and other immersive Entertainment coming soon from what I hear.The cocktails are phenomenal and have a great selection of craft beers and local selections. The food is impressive and fun and they have vegan options. The food and drink compliment each other really well and the have something for everyone. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Hottesome (Quintin Ellis Jr)

Hidden gem of a lounge meets dive bar with amazing service, quality eats and good ambience. A dim lit tavern in Burbank on the outskirts of Toluca Lake in a large shopping center with several businesses and plenty of parking. The signature cocktails are a must and the tots are crispy fluffy delights. Lgbt friendly, vegan friendly and all around inclusive in every way.

M Dixon

Excellent food and drinks. Appreciate that they had tables spaced well as we're in the first weeks of indoor dining, post- pandemic. Service was fast and friendly. We had a chance to chat with the owner, who was hustling, bussing tables, all evening. We appreciate the effort it must be taking to get this new spot up and running after such a rough year for restaurants: we plan to go back and support asap.

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