Wild Carvery

130 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 748-3404

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Samantha C.

Pleasantly surprised to find this great restaurant on Yelp during our visit to Burbank. We ordered the Chicken Salad and Steak Sandwich to go. Both dishes, especially the sandwich, were so good, my fiance wanted me to share the good review. The sauce, vegetable, flavor in the sandwich were right on. Everything was fresh and delicious and the portions were generous. The owner was super nice and friendly and the restaurant was very clean, new and beautiful. Definitely will be back when we visit Burbank again. It's confirmed why this place has such great relieves from Yelpers!!!

Lindsey L.

Literally good beyond reason. If you told me I'd feel *great* about spending over $20 on a sandwich (with tax and tip) I'd tell you to fight through the brain fog and try a covid test and a psych eval. But I went back and double-tipped because this scrumptiousness is priceless-- and the portions are so huuuge it's 2+ meals. I've been about five times and every time I get the same thing: The Southwest Chicken sandwich. Perfectly tender chicken breast, thick slabs of perfectly textured smoky bacon, layers of lush pickled vegetables, creamy mayo, warm dripping cheese, all on bread that is like an Italian cloud came down and kissed your plate. I think I cried a little. I usually like a variety of flavors and rarely get the same thing, but I'm holding on to this sandwich like a little kid with their safety blanket. I just don't want anything else. Thank you Wild Carvery, you've got one very satisfied customer!!!

Leesa G.

Ate at the Wild Carvery for the first time yesterday. Wow! They make their own potato chips - delicious! My boyfriend had the french fries which seemed homemade from scratch as well. I also had the gluten free tuna wrap (one of their many gluten free offerings) - it was the best wrap I've had in a long time. I get so sick of gluten free bread which is often dry and not very tasty so it was really nice to have a different option. The staff was super friendly as well. Will definitely be going back to Wild Carvery.

Kandice V.

First time coming to this spot! The food was really fresh and the flavor was amazing. The service was also just as good as the food. I would absolutely recommend this spot to anyone who's a foodie :)

Christopher Y.

I don't usually write reviews and I haven't for a while, but I ordered the carvery burger today with zero expectations and it was notably delicious. They were out of fries so I got a salad instead. Salad?? The salad was not bad - it came with dressing on the side, spring greens, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. Back to the burger, the wagyu patty was grilled perfectly medium rare to my order. The bacon, grilled onions, cheese and garlic aioli was on-point and complimented the quality beef patty. The aioli... mmmm... I eat a lot of burgers and I definitely would recommend.

Sansa A.

Oh my god... I don't usually write reviews, but this place blew my mind. How often can you say that a kale salad blew your mind? Never. I ordered a kale salad and a lettuce wrap bacon cheeseburger. I was already writing my review before I even got to the burger. Just the kale salad was enough to make me run to Yelp and write a 5 star review as fast as I could. It was kale, but it was sweet. And FULL of 2 types of fresh cheese and about 10 delicious chewy dates chopped in large delicious chunks that mixed with the cheese. And the tart sweet apple dressing mixed in was just SO good I had to write Yelp about it. Extra points, the owner was reeeally nice to me even though my hair was messy and I looked like crap today. Such a nice establishment. 10/10 will go back again

Lauren Schwartzman

Made my day. Delicious, extremely fresh burger and fries, and the best service I’ve experienced in a long, long time. Even the ketchup tasted homemade and fresh! I’ll definitely be back.

Ana Jade

Incredible!!!!!! This burger was the best burger I've ever had, i just got the cheese burger. It comes with a side salad or chips. I asked for bbq sauce on the side. The owner is super nice, great guy. I really hope this place is here forever. The quality and amount is wonderful. I would rather spend $16 here then $10 at some Burger King place any day. When I'm craving a burger i know where to go now.

J J.

I was trying out their food the very 1st time based on the high rating! However, the following 2 food-item did not meet my high expectation: 1). King Pastrami Burger: The 'slogan' here is Wagyu beef consumed yet I did not taste such meat quality as Wagyu is famous for, as the burger patty was rather dry & bland. To be moist & tender as how a good quality of Wagyu staple for...despites how it's cooked... well done or med rare. The burger also came w/chunks of pastrami, yet again, the meat itself taste dry & bland. The only highlight of this burger is the tomato slices (It's only 2-slice, which is not much in this humongous burger...) in helping out the dryness. Pickles slices was surprisingly good! It's not over-powering salty. (A good chunk of $19.99+tax burger!) 2). Cobb Salad: It's a huge box of salad. 4-pc of a boiled egg w/slices of avocado taste OLD. It came w/plenty pc of Feta cheese but not blue cheese as how usually a Cobb salad w'd be. Feta is rather hard as it's not as smooth as blue cheese. Ranch dressing is pleasant.

Anneka V.

I use yelp all the time but I have *never* left a review. This place deserves all the stars. It's a small urban place and it has a nice aesthetic. The man who served us was very attentive and conversational, and he brought us freshly made fries to share even though we didn't order any (which were amazing). I ate the best burger I've ever had in my life. Everything is organic and fresh and incredibly delicious. My friend had a gluten free wrap and loved it; she was excited by how many gf options there are on the menu. I will DEFINITELY go back, and I can't recommend this place enough.

Megan Alexis M

When I tell you I’m OBSESSED with the Wild Caught Shrimp Salad !!! I add filet mignon steak for a little more protein and BOOM super filling and yummy. Sam one of the owners is always a delight to see and the ambiance of the restaurant is bright , airy, and inviting. Super cute in Burbank’s downtown area great for breakfast , brunch , lunch or an easy digestible dinner . Breakfast options , Salads , wraps , house made fried chips etc . Check them out all ORGANIC . DEF a GEM of a restaurant with QUALITY food . I took a pic of the salad here and I usually get half to go for later. Worth the price I eat twice or split w my boyfriend if I’m not too hungry. ?

Gohar K.

When sandwich cravings kick in I go to Wild Carvery. No questions asked. The food is so good here. Every sandwich I tried has been super delicious and flavorful. The portions are just perfect with salad, chips or fries. They can even be shared. The salads are amazing as well. Lots of drinks to chose from Great place with great customer service, indoor and outdoor seating , clean and organized. Very pleasant atmosphere.

Cedric M.

One of my favorite restaurant! The food. Oh, the food, just by looking at it, you can tell it's fresh, and it's going to be tasty, but then you take the first bite, and you know you were right, it's so fresh and yummy. I order online for pick up, and let me tell you, even that was great, they have the food in very sturdy containers (not the cheap flimsy foam thing), and lots of it, I mean they didn't save on food. But again, it was tasty! As I've mentioned before the place looks great, very clean and inviting, so next time I have to go and sit there for lunch or dinner. Here are some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

Dina Boykiw Lynka

Incredible quality, fresh and healthy ingredients !!!! And delicious!!!

David Isachanjan

Delicious! Sexy! Clean! I would say one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! Thank you guys, keep doing what you’re doing!1

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