Panda Express

1453 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame
(650) 579-2580

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Juan b.

this panda has rude employees and never has my online order on time. i wish there was another chinese food place. panda overpriced and mediocre food.

David Vibat

Their food is consistently good but their portion sizes could be way better. The server made it look like she was filling up the tray with a lot of food by grabbing what seemed to be a big scoop only to remove 40% of it after initially placing it inside ?‍♂️

Star Star

I ordered a teriyaki bowl and I thought it was going to be good but it wasn't. The white rice was hard, the chicken wasn't cooked all the way, I asked for teriyaki sauce but got sweet and sour sauce instead. I wasted my money & my lunch break, I will NEVER eat at this panda express again

Diane C.

They really skimped out of the orange chicken and filled up most of the bowl with chow mein. I asked the server before paying to make sure that that was what the serving was supposed to look like and she said yes and didn't do anything. I've ordered this many times from other Panda locations and this is the least amount of meat I've ever gotten.

JOSE MARCIO Marquioreto

I don't usually eat a lot on the panda, but this one I always go. good service.

Casey U.

So reliably unsatisfactory I have given them three chances and it's always the same poor performance - never order online in advance- it's never ready Then when you show up they have no initiative To get the order ready Bad customer service, bad online ordering performance and they don't care when they underperform Food is mediocre

Sheila P.

Went in on May 28 around closing and the young gentleman who helped me was so kind. I told Him my daughter doesn't like the veggies in the chow mein so he painstakingly took the noodles without veggies. The lady behind me didnt have a mask as she left it in her car. He asked her to put on her mask. When she said he had it in her car, he went to the back to grab her a mask. I wish i looked at his name. But thank You for your kindness.

Richard Y.

Been coming here for years but first time during Covid - 4 tiny pieces of beef (paid extra for angus beef) and barely two bites of the 2nd item. What the heck - cutting corners on consumers when it's harder to pay for stuff. Even white rice was less than usual. I get restaurants are challenged but the first and last time I leave a Panda Express hungry again, and at $10+ for fast food per dish for fast food, not such a deal either.

Wayne Wolfe

i ask them what kind of oil they were cooking it in. and with a great attitude to they me. and they dont give you a ton of rice. and leave little space for your items. so i had ask for my items first it was great


The food was a little late past the pickup time, grilled chicken was missing teriyaki sauce even with my note requesting it and the half order of chow mein on my plate was mostly vegetables. Photo for context. Not returning.

Ezequiel Peña

Every day less and less food

Michael Snaider

pay with food to receive 5 stars, this is wrong

nanette zimmerman

Sometimes great food..

Elaman E.

It was not very good ,and was little bit slowly. Cashier was little rude!!! They dont give me true sauce.

Ahlam M.

The food was very disgusting and customer service very bad I found one hair in my soup this the last time for me to eat their

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