Tacos Al Vapor Michoacan

1 Park Rd, Burlingame
(650) 240-6401

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Livier Lo

First it all they dont have “tacos al vapor” so the name its so inappropriate. Anyways I tried everysingle meat & was good as the tortillas ( they make it there).Be aware of what they are selling you because I got this package that include 8 tacos & soda. But surprise! Your soda choice is just the can Coca cola & also not all the meats are include. ( They should write this down in the menu as well or make you aware a soon as you ordered it)so I ended up paying extra.Then the woman in here seems to work hardly and I apreciate them but their attitude was terrible when I asked for one more salsa. They were telling each other “ dont give them more” whaaaat????? I have never received a extra little packed of salsa with such a terrible attitude. And yes I ate 8 tacos of course I need it more salsa! I didn’t even want to asked for more lime…Im not sure if Im coming back…

vinay d.

First time trying this place yesterday and had a Rigos special (8 tacos & a drink) with tripe, carnitas and pollo. Superb! Going back for al pastor, they were out of it late afternoon when we went.

Gautam Bhat

I get the al pastor super burrito every other week.

Morgan F.

Carne asada tacos are nice and juicy Been going every couple weeks for last year or so Would highly recommend for reasonably priced street food

Max M.

This review is for the overall taco experience at this food truck. To start, let me first say that the tacos themselves are excellent (5 stars). I'd go so far as to say that this joint consistently serves some of the best tacos I've had and the value for money is tremendous. Personally, I'm biased in favor of the suadero, al pastor, carnitas, and carne asada meats, in that order. The corn tortillas are handmade, freshly griddled, perfectly sized (3 bites and you're done) and generously filled. When paired with their spicy oil based chili salsa, each taco has hit the spot every single time. If there's a taco food truck that's a diamond in the rough, a hidden gem, a lucky find, this is it. However, with the great also comes the not-so-hot bait and switch experience that I've had each time that I've ordered here (post-pandemic era). It's enough for me to rate the overall experience 3 stars. For example, the menu board lists a price of $15 for the special (8 tacos + soda can), except the window on the truck has a smaller printed menu where certain meats are $2.50. If you order those meats then the special price does not apply. They only tell you this after you've ordered and when you are told what you finally owe. Add to that, the fact that either they usually have no soda cans, or you can make do with red-bull or some other energy drink can instead. I don't know about some, but I don't consider energy drinks to be soda. So even though you want the special because you think you're getting a good deal, you actually end up paying $2 or $2.50 per taco--the same as ordering individual tacos. Still good value but *not* the same as the special. They could just do away with that special and one would not come away feeling a little cheated. The last time I went there, I had the same experience again. I wanted the special, but they had no soda. Except this time, I got the option of paying $2 more to get the bottle of coca-cola instead of the soda with the special. Well, if I'm going to pay the per-taco price + the cost of a bottled soda, why advertise the special at all? In the pre-pandemic times it looks like the salsas were laid out for customers to help themselves, but now the salsas come in single servings. I like to generously drape each taco with salsa, so this last time I asked for extra salsa--one of each they had. The woman who was filling my order was none too pleased, and gave me a withering "how dare you ask for more salsa? no you can't have more" look, left me feeling like Oliver Twist asking the master in his parish workhouse, Mr. Bumble, for more soup. She did ask another woman in the back whom, at that point, I half expected to respond in horror, "for MORE?", but who, with a nod of her head, acquiesced. I was then given one extra spicy salsa. I do feel I could have been given the extra salsa I asked for, in lieu of the soda that I didn't get, in the special that I ordered, but couldn't get for the price they listed. Finally, I also do think they could give more than single slice of lemon for 8 tacos! Some might not care about these niggles but, in my opinion, fixing these little things could really go a long way towards ensuring consistently repeat business. My suggestion would be to charge customers a modest amount (say $0.25) per extra serving of salsa, and to waive that entirely if there is no soda available with the special. One time I showed up in the afternoon, well after lunch time, and they were all out of my preferred taco meats, which got me thinking: maybe they should consider starting a taco subscription, say, a commitment of 3 specials per month, for which the tacos of one's choice, with all the fixings, enough salsas, and sodas would be guaranteed, for a reasonable, fixed rate (say, $50)? I'd be down for that.

Eric In SF

Good food, friendly service. Sure they make a few mistakes from time to time and it can be slow if you dont phone in theorder but its a busy place with not much space to work. They take care of regulars. Ive not had the Al pastor burrito in a while because it was always a bit wet and soggy at the end. thanks the the crew sweating all day in that red box to feed the neighborhood!

Meaghan C.

My first real California taco truck, say NO to Chipotle! I got there just in time for closing and they still have awesome, speedy service. The chorizo tacos and steak quesadillas where so good, flavorful, tender and moist, I can't wait to come back earlier before the rush!

Jihea P.

Best tacos in Peninsula! I am from LA and I know my tacos. The tortillas are hand made and are very very yummy. There was one time that I had 8 tacos all by myself.

Roger M.

Go here. Ordered Caveza, Al pastor, pollo, carnitas tacos!! #1 Taco spot in peninsula. :-)

Carlos Diaz

Hello everybody!This place used to be one of my favorites taco trucks. Lately it's been so frustrating to order because the guy behind the phone can't even take an order correctly and he has a bad mood, everytime I try to customize my tacos by adding beans he forgets to place the order with. Today they even gave me a wrong order and 2 of my tacos were filled with cilantro and onions only ?... Good flavor, poor service ?

Allan A.

When my friend asked me to meet him here for lunch I was skeptical. I grew up around Mission burritos and taco trucks so I tend to be pretty picky. But I was pretty surprised with the quality and taste of the food here. Definitely tacos are the thing to order here. My faves are the cabeza, lengua and al pastor. All meats are done really well and the tortillas are from scratch. I'm here at least once a week now for the past month lol

Rodolfo Alcazar

Very delicious food. Some issues parking my car. Kind service.

irving estefanier (nologitech)

Muy mal servicio del chavo q atiende ai esta es la terser cuarta vez q nos atiende mal no sabe hablar amablemente para dirigirse a las personas.Very bad service from the guy who attends to me this is the third fourth time that he serves us badly, he does not know how to speak kindly to address people.

irving estefanier

Muy mal servicio del chavo q atiende ai esta es la terser cuarta vez q nos atiende mal no sabe hablar amablemente para dirigirse a las personas.Very bad service from the guy who attends to me this is the third fourth time that he serves us badly, he does not know how to speak kindly to address people.

Stephen Dover

Great good, nice people

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