Chicago Pizza

1825 Mitchell Rd, Ceres
(209) 581-0163

Recent Reviews

Nicholai Yonan

I have been on the look-out for a pizza that not only tasted good, but made me feel equally as good. Chicago Pizza delivered (pun intended). Great taste and fresh feel; wonderfully priced. Check-it-out; you won't be dissapointed.

Lori Owens

Amazing Pizza just as good as the one downtown with great prices and wonderful customer service

Dodgers_DID_IT_2020 Los Angeles

It's been our go to pizza place since December, nice guys and good pizza

Hardeep Singh walia

Owner was nice but staff was very rude to meYesterday they mess with meI will never come to the store.not recommend when skinny guy work there . He have to learn

Annette Price

I have been going to Chicago pizza every since it has open I've met the owner, wife and kids they're all wonderful, their pizza is always on point, not once have I ever been unsatisfied with my orders.


1st time coming here and it was a horrible experience. They messed up my order 2 times, not just that but the pizza is way way over priced. You are better off going somewhere else.

Cassandra Tristan

I ordered my pizza for a certain time and end up waiting 30 minutes longer. I spent over $40 on this order. The whole purpose of ordering a order for a certain time is to have that order ready. Poor customer service and rude people. Will not go back here again. If u can't handle customer service, get out of the business!

Cathy Villarreal

Very good food, quick delivery!! Reccomend

Filth K

The best pizza and wings I have ever had. I travel 1 1/2 hours for this place!

Alicia V.

This little pizza place never fails! We love ordering the Latino Style and Butter Chicken pizzas, but trust me we are most definitely be ordering the others. And their wings and garlic cheese bread are delish. Definitely worth the wait and price.

Kenia Estrada

Love this pizza place an they have very affordable prices I have to travel 30 mins to get it but it’s worth it!

Kamna J.

This place has horrendous pizza. We recently moved here and being indian we were extremely excited to eat indian pizza here but unfortunately the flavours here is zero. Horrific pizza with no flavor. No tandoori sauce or curry sauce on the pizza that we ordered it was plain white sauce. Just horrible and disappointed with the service and taste and flavour also sercing time was 40 minutes which is way too much.

Lakshmi K.

The service here is horrible, I ordered two large pizzas, one tandoori and one chicken tikka and cheese breadsticks over the phone. I had my husband pick it up and when he got home (mind that it was a long drive), it was the wrong order, when we called to sort this out the person over the phone kept denying that they made a mistake and so I asked them to check and see who's right or wrong, they put me on hold and a couple minutes later hung up. I immediately called back and as an excuse he blamed it on being Indian, how does that make sense? Does he think he's an alien or something?! The owner is so rude and disrespectful, he even had the nerve to talk bad about my husband! 0 STARS

Janet Purdom

This Chicago style pizza is amazing!!! Both my kids and I rate it 5 stars!!!!!!! Great service, cooked quickly on A FRIDAY Night!! And it's the second best pizza I've ever had!!??????????

Lisa Clark

Pizza was meh. Jalapeno poppers were either under cooked or just terrible. Would have rather gotten three pizzas from Dominos for the same price.

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